Semiconductor Nanoclusters - Physical, Chemical, and Catalytic Aspects

Semiconductor Nanoclusters - Physical, Chemical, and Catalytic Aspects, 1st Edition

Semiconductor Nanoclusters - Physical, Chemical, and Catalytic Aspects, 1st Edition,P.V. Kamat,D. Meisel,ISBN9780444820648

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During the past decade there has been a phenomenal growth in the basic research of semiconductor nanoclusters and other nanomaterials. As the field has evolved the emphasis has shifted from basic theoretical description to field utilization of nanostructure-based devices. The topics of the various chapters presented in this book, written by leaders in the field, highlight the salient features of nanocrystalline semiconductor materials.

Features of this book:

- Provides synthetic strategies to generate ultrasmall particles, films and wires

- Describes the characterization methodologies of a large number of nanomaterials from the molecular level to the long-range crystallographic ordering

- Develops theoretical descriptions of present-day quantum confinement effects in various materials, including metallic particles, III-V semiconductors, and porous silicon

- Explores the fate of photoinduced charge carriers in these materials and the phenomena of charge transfer across interfaces

- Covers the utilization of these newly discovered effects in analytical chemistry, organic synthesis, environmental remediation, and electrochemistry.

The aim of the book is to present the necessary background material for advanced undergraduate students in the field of physical chemistry and materials science and provide a reference book for the experts in this area.

P.V. Kamat

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, USA

D. Meisel

Affiliations and Expertise

Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, USA

Semiconductor Nanoclusters - Physical, Chemical, and Catalytic Aspects, 1st Edition

Introduction (P.V. Kamat, D. Meisel). Preparation and characterization of semiconductor nanoparticles (H. Weller, A. Eychmüller). The mechanics of nanoscale suspensions (K.T. Miller, C.F. Zukoski). Sonochemistry in colloidal systems (F. Grieser). Charge transfer in nanoparticles (D. Meisel). Spectroscopy of metal colloids – some comparisons with semiconductor colloids (P. Mulvaney). Surface characterization of nanostructured systems (M. Tomkiewicz). Quantum well and superlattice electrodes (A.J. Nozik). Pseudopotential theory of nanometer silicon quantum dots (L.–W. Wang, A. Zunger). Luminescent porous silicon: synthesis, chemistry, and applications (M.J. Sailor, J.L. Heinrich, J.M. Lauerhaas). Composite semiconductor nanoclusters (P.V. Kamat). Photoelectron transfer in nanocomposite films, layer by layer self–assembled from polycations and anionic semiconductors (J.J. Fendler). Semiconductor nanocrystals in photoconductive polymers: charge generation and charge transport (Y. Wang). Nanostructure and size quantization in chemical solution deposited semiconductor films (S. Gorer, G. Hodes). Electrodeposition and characterization of nanocrystalline semiconductor films (K. Rajeshwar, N.R. de Tacconi). Nanocrystalline electronic junctions (M. Grätzel). Nanostructures in analytical chemistry (E. Pelizzetti, C. Minero). Semiconductor–mediated photocatalysis for organic synthesis (Y. Li, L. Wang). Application of nanoparticles in the photocatalytic degradation of water pollutants (N. Serpone, R.F. Khairutdinov). Applications in photocatalytic purification of air (X. Fu, W.A. Zeltner, M.A. Anderson). Author index. Subject index.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:The chapters cover a broad range of topics and are well referenced. It very successfully brings together aspects of nanocluster spectoscropy and photophysics and many applications of the nanoclusters and nanocrystalline electrodes. This text is aimed at the graduate student or research scientist wishing to gain familiarity with what has become a rapidly expanding field. ...an excellent overview of the field.
@source:Journal of the American Chemical Society
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