Biotechnology Annual Review

Biotechnology Annual Review, 1st Edition

Biotechnology Annual Review, 1st Edition,M.R. El-Gewely,ISBN9780444818904

M El-Gewely   

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The Biotechnology Annual Review covers the various developments in biotechnology in the form of comprehensive, illustrated and well referenced reviews. With the expansion of the field of biotechnology, coupled with the vast increase in the number of new journals reporting recent results in this field, the need for a publication that is continuously providing reviews is urgent. Hence, each volume of the Biotechnology Annual Review will have a number of reviews covering different aspects of biotechnology. Reviewed topics will include biotechnology applications in medicine, agriculture, marine biology, industry, bioremedation and the environment. Fundamental problems dealing with enhancing the technical knowledge encountering biotechnology utilization regardless of the field of application will be particularly emphasized. This series will help both students and teachers, researchers as well as administrators to remain knowledgeable on all relevant issues in biotechnology.

Proposals for contributions and/or suggestions for topics for future volumes in this series should be sent to the Editor:
professor M.R. El-Gewely
Department of Biotechnology
University of Tromslø
IMB, MH-Bygget
N-9037 Tromsø
Tel: (+47) 77 644000
Fax: (+47) 77 645350

M.R. El-Gewely

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Biotechnology, Institute of Medical Biology, University of Tromsø, Norway

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Biotechnology Annual Review, 1st Edition

Scope. Editors and Contributors. Introduction (M.R. El-Gewely). Biotechnology domain (M.R. El-Gewely). Application of two-dimensional protein gels in biotechnology (R.A. VanBogelen, E.R. Olson). Prokaryotic promotors in biotechnology (M.A. Goldstein, R.H. Doi). Comparative methods for identifying functional domains in protein sequences (S. Henikoff). Peptide and protein display on the surface of filamentous bacteriophage (F. Felici et al.). Aptamers as potential nucleic acid pharmaceuticals (A.D. Ellington, R. Conrad). Towards a new concept of gene inactivation: specific RNA cleavage by endogenous ribonuclease P (R.K. Hartmann et al.). Artificial cells with emphasis on bioencapsulation in biotechnology (T.M.S. Chang). The production of recombinant human erythropoietin (N. Inoue et al.). Lipases and esterases: a review of their sequences, structure and evolution (H.W. Anthonsen et al.). Solid-phase technology: magnetic beads to improve nucleic acid detection and analysis (J. Lundeberg, F. Larsen). Ultrasensitive enzyme immunoassay (S. Hashida et al.). The politics of patent legislation in biotechnology: an international view (G.K. Rosendal). Index of authors. Keyword index.
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