New Insulators Devices and Radiation Effects

New Insulators Devices and Radiation Effects, 1st Edition

New Insulators Devices and Radiation Effects, 1st Edition,Gerard Barbottin ,Andre Vapaille,ISBN9780444818010

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Silicon technology today forms the basis of a world-wide, multi-billion dollar component industry. The reason for this expansion can be found not only in the physical properties of silicon but also in the unique properties of the silicon-silicon dioxide interface. However, silicon devices are still subject to undesired electrical phenomena called "instabilities". These are due mostly to the imperfect nature of the insulators used, to the not-so-perfect silicon-insulator interface and to the generation of defects and ionization phenomena caused by radiation.

The problem of instabilities is addressed in this volume, the third of this book series.

Vol.3 updates and supplements the material presented in the previous two volumes, and devotes five chapters to the problems of radiation-matter and radiation-device interactions. The volume will aid circuit manufacturers and circuit users alike to relate unstable electrical parameters and characteristics to the presence of physical defects and impurities or to the radiation environment which caused them.

Gerard Barbottin

Affiliations and Expertise

Institut National des Sciences Appliquees of Lyons (Fr.) in 1969, and was awarded an MS degree from the Materials Science department of Northwestern University (111. USA)

Andre Vapaille

Affiliations and Expertise

Universite de Paris

New Insulators Devices and Radiation Effects, 1st Edition

Part I - Additions and Updates to Volumes 1 & 2. Silica, silicon nitride and oxynitride thin films - an overview of fabrication techniques, properties and applications (B. Balland, A. Glachant). A review of buried oxide structures and soi technologies (J.L. Leray). Dielectric breakdown in silica - a survey of test methods (D.R. Wolters, J.F. Verwey, T.A. Zegers-Van Duijnhoven). Hot carrier injections in silica and related instabilities in submicrometer mosfets (D. Vuillaume). Multilayer dielectrics for memory applications ((P. Gentil). Charge pumping techniques - their use for diagnosis and interface state studies in MOS transistors ((J.L. Autran, B. Balland, G. Barbottin). The study of thermal nitridation and reoxidation mechanisms using isotopic tracing methods (J.J. Ganem, I.J. Baumvol). Part II - Silicon Devices in Radiation Environments. The space radiation environment (D. Bräunig). An overview of radiation-matter interactions (W.R. Fahrner). Radiation effects in electronic components (D. Bräunig, F. Wulf). Defects and radiation - induced charge trapping phenomena in silica (P. Pailet, J.L. Leray). The effects of cosmic ions on electronic components (O. Musseau). Author index. Subject index.
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