Recent Developments in Quantum Field Theory

Recent Developments in Quantum Field Theory, 1st Edition

Recent Developments in Quantum Field Theory, 1st Edition,J. Ambjorn,B.J. Durhuus,J.L. Petersen,ISBN9780444598394

Ambjorn   &   Durhuus   &   Petersen   

North Holland


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Theoretical particle physicists discuss the present status and,
in particular, the latest developments in quantum field theory,
in their broadest aspects. This volume contains the main lectures
presented at the symposium and reflects the contemporary status
of a line of development, one of whose initiators was Niels Bohr.




Recent Developments in Quantum Field Theory, 1st Edition

Preface. Superstrings (L. Brink). The uses of quantum
Liouville theory (A. Neveu). Effective Lagrangians in gauge
theories (P. di Vecchia). The quest for unification (F. Englert).
Vertex operators and non-abelian bosonization (T. Eguchi and K.
Higashijima). Survey of random surface theory (J. Frhölich). The
effective action for chiral fermions (L. Alvarez-Gaumé and S.
Della Pietra). Simulating lattice gauge theory with fermions
(J.B. Kogut). Pion-skyrmion scattering: collective coordinates
at work (M.E. Peskin). Beyond quantum field theory (D. Gross).
The inflationary universe (E.J. Weinberg). Hidden symmetries: New
perspectives for d=11 supergravity (H. Nicolai). Quantum
mechanical symmetry breaking (R. Jackiw). On infinite dimensional
symmetry groups in physics (B. Julia). Renormalization group
studies in QCD and beyond (P. Hasenfratz). Black holes and
quantum mechanics (G. 't Hooft). Review of aspects on string
theory (S. Mandelstam). The random dynamics project or from
fundamental to human physics (H.B. Nielsen, D.L. Bennett and N.
Brene). Electrons in a strong magnetic field (C. Itzykson).
Author index. Subject index.

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