Slow Brain Oscillations of Sleep, Resting State and Vigilance

Slow Brain Oscillations of Sleep, Resting State and Vigilance, 1st Edition

Slow Brain Oscillations of Sleep, Resting State and Vigilance, 1st Edition,E J Van Someren,ISBN9780444538390

Progress in Brain Research

E Van Someren   





235 X 191

Integrates the three fields of study to facilitate cross fertilization

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Key Features

  • Leading authors review the state-of-the-art in their field of investigation and provide their views and perspectives for future research
  • Chapters are extensively referenced to provide readers with a comprehensive list of resources on the topics covered
  • All chapters include comprehensive background information and are written in a clear form that is also accessible to the non-specialist
  • Description

    This volume of Progress in Brain Research documents research presented at the 26th International Summer School of Brain Research (Amsterdam, Jun/Jul 2010) and looks at how the oscillations that characterize brain activity vary between task performance - the EEG power and performance modulations, rest - the MRI default mode and other networks, and sleep - the cortical slow oscillations. Studies over the past decade indicate that the study of these slow oscillations is essential for our understanding of plasticity, memory, brain structure from synapse to default mode network, cognition, consciousness and ultimately for our understanding of the mechanisms and functions of sleep and vigilance.


    Neuroscientists, psychologists, neurologists

    E J Van Someren

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Slow Brain Oscillations of Sleep, Resting State and Vigilance, 1st Edition

    Cellular and network mechanisms of recurrent cortical network activity, David McCormick
    Mechanisms of slow oscillations generation during sleep: neurons, glia and networks, Florin Amzica
    Sleep slow oscillations for memory consolidation, Jan Born
    Grouping of spindle activity during slow oscillations in sleep, Matthias Mölle
    Low frequency BOLD fluctuations during resting wakefulness and light sleep, Jeff Duyn
    Genetic determination of sleep EEG profiles in mice, Paul Franken
    Developmental aspects of slow oscillations during sleep, Reto Huber
    Mechanisms of sleep-dependent consolidation of cortical plasticity, Marcos Frank
    Thalamocortical mechanisms of slow oscillations, Stuart Hughes
    Involvement of cytokines in slow wave sleep, James Krueger
    Genetic determination of sleep EEG profiles in man, Hans-Peter Landolt
    Resting state default network oscillations interfacing vigilance and sleep, Linda Larson-Prior
    Daydreaming your way out of coma? fMRI restings state studies in disorders of consciousness, Steven Laureys
    Infraslow oscillations in drowsy performance and EEG, Scott Makeig
    Spontaneous neural activity during human slow wave sleep, Pierre Maquet
    The sleep slow oscillation as a travelling wave, Marcello Massimini
    The dynamics of memory reactivation and cortico-hippocampal interactions, Bruce McNaughton
    Impact of brainstem network activity on cortical dynamics during slow oscillations, Juan Mena-Segovia
    Very slow EEG fluctuations predict the dynamics of stimulus detection, Matias Palva
    Microvascular compliance changes across sleep and wake: mechanisms forlocal sleep regulation, David Rector
    Sources of slow oscillation travelling waves; overlap with the default mode network?, Brady Riedner
    Communication between neocortex and hippocampus during sleep in rodents, Anton Sirota
    Resting state networks as seen via FMRI: Characteristics and interpretations, Stephen Smith
    Neuronal plasticity in thalamocortical networks during sleep and waking oscillations, Igor Timofeev
    Sleep benefits subsequent hippocampal functioning, Ysbrand Van der Werf
    Long range synchronization of up and down states, Maxim Volgushev
    Modulation of cortical neuronal activity by vigilance state, behavior and preceding sleep-wake history: cellular correlates of sleep homeostasis in freely behaving rats, Vladyslav Vyazovskiy
    Coordinated memory replay in the visual cortex and hippocampus during sleep, Matt Wilson

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