Comparative Toxicogenomics

Comparative Toxicogenomics, 1st Edition

Comparative Toxicogenomics, 1st Edition,Christer Hogstrand,Pete Kille,ISBN9780444532749

Hogstrand   &   Kille   

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Delivers a timely overview of current achievements and future areas of development in toxicogenomics, with chapters transecting research interests from identification of toxic action to environmental monitoring.

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Key Features

* Reviews some of the first really fruitful studies made in this area
* Covers different organisms ranging from humans to model species and environmental sentinels
* Provides a broad view of the area, increasing its attractiveness to researchers working in a variety of specialties


Functional genomics has come of age. No longer is it an adventure for the avant garde scientist, but it has become an increasingly standardized mainstream tool accessible to any modern biological laboratory. Toxicogenomics studies are now generating an avalanche of data that, with the aid of established informatics methodology, is being translated into biologically meaningful information.

This is enabling us to start harvesting the benefits from years of investment in terms of technology, time, and (of course) money. It is therefore timely to bring together leading toxicologists with a wide variety of scientific aims in this book to demonstrate how microarray technology can be successfully applied to different research areas. This book transects biology from bacteria to human, from ecologically relevant sentinel organisms to well-characterized model species, and represents the full toxicogenomics arena from exploratory "blue sky" science to the prospects for incorporation into regulatory frameworks.


Research Scientists working in toxicology, genomics and pharmaceutical companies.

Christer Hogstrand

Affiliations and Expertise

King's College London, UK

Pete Kille

Affiliations and Expertise

Cardiff University, UK

Comparative Toxicogenomics, 1st Edition

1. Preface
Christer Hogstrand and Peter Kille

2. Toxicogenomics: Unlocking the Potential of the Human Genome
Eugene P. Halligan and Joseph Lunec

3. Progress in Ecotoxicogenomics for Environmental Monitoring, Mode of Action and Toxicant Identification
Helen C. Poynton, Henri Wintz and Chris D. Vulpe

4. Fish Toxicogenomics
Charles R. Tyler, Amy L. Filby, Ronny van Aerle, Anke Lange, Jonathan Ball and Eduarda M. Santos

5. Current Research in Soil Invertebrate Ecotoxicogenomics
David J. Spurgeon, A. John Morgan and Peter Kille

6. Daphnia as an Emerging Model for Toxicological Genomics
Joseph R. Shaw, Michael E. Pfrender, Brian D. Eads, Rebecca Klaper, Amanda Callaghan, Isabelle Colson, Bastiaan Jansen, Donald Gilbert and John K. Colbourne

7. Whole genome microarray analysis of the expression profile of Escherichia coli in response to exposure to para-nitrophenol
Angela Brown, Jason R. Snape, Colin R. Harwood and Ian M. Head

8. Systems Toxicology: Using the Systems Biology Approach to Assess Chemical Pollutants in the Environment
Richard D. Handy
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