Environment Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management 8th International Symposium

Environment Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management 8th International Symposium, 1st Edition

Environment Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management 8th International Symposium, 1st Edition,John Goodrich-Mahoney,Lawrence Abrahamson,Jennifer Ballard,Susan Tikalsky,ISBN9780080557694

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The latest collection of papers addressing the policies and regulations urban planning organizations need to know in order to protect the environment.

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Key Features

* Addresses environmental issues in rights-of-way planning and management
* Provides a forum for information exchange among various agencies, industries, environmental consultants, and academic organizations
* Presents peer-reviewed papers to help achieve a better understanding of current environmental issues involved in rights-of-way management


The management of rights-of-way by electric and telephone utilities, highway departments, gas pipeline companies, and railroads around the world is guided and constrained by policies and regulations to protect the environment. Companies that manage rights-of-way are required to comply with these regulations, and are seeking the most cost-effective management practices that, at the same time, demonstrate stewardship of the environment. Protection of biodiversity and sustainable development are especially important as national goals in many countries, and rights-of-way managers are seeking practical ways to include public participation in their operations.


For all environmental scientists and urban and landscape planners; government organisations, such as environmental protection and regulatory agencies, and local authorities; environmental consultants in risk impact assessment.

John Goodrich-Mahoney

Affiliations and Expertise

Electric Power Research Institute Inc., Palo Alto, CA, USA

Lawrence Abrahamson

Jennifer Ballard

Susan Tikalsky


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