Dislocations in Solids, 1st Edition

A Tribute to F.R.N. Nabarro

Dislocations in Solids, 1st Edition,John Hirth,ISBN9780444531667

J Hirth   

Elsevier Science




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Key Features

• Dislocation model for the magnetoplastic effect
• New mechanism for dislocation nucleation and motion in nanocrystals
• New models for the dislocation structure of interfaces between crystals with differing crystallographic structure
• A unified view of dislocations in quasicrystals, with a new model for dislocation motion
• A general model of dislocation behavior in crystals with non-planar dislocation cores
• Dislocation properties at high velocities
• Dislocations in colloidal crystals


New models for dislocation structure and motion are presented for nanocrystals, nucleation at grain boundaries, shocked crystals, interphase interfaces, quasicrystals, complex structures with non-planar dislocation cores, and colloidal crystals. A review of experimentally established main features of the magnetoplastic effect with their physical interpretation explains many diverse results of this type. The model has many potential applications for forming processes influenced by magnetic fields.


Research workers in materials science (novelty and authority of contributions), solid state physics, metallurgy, mechanics and chemistry

John Hirth

Affiliations and Expertise

Hereford, AZ, USA

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Dislocations in Solids, 1st Edition

1. H. Van Swygenhoven, and P.M. Derlet, Atomistic Simulations of Dislocations in FCC Metallic Nanocystalline Materials
2. M.A. Tschopp, D.E. Spearot, and D.L. McDowell, Influence of Grain Boundary Structure on Dislocation Nucleation in FCC Metals
3. M.J. Demkowicz, J. Wang, and R.G. Hoagland, Interfaces between Dissimilar Crystalline Solids
4. H.M. Zbib, and T.A. Khraishi, Size Effects and Dislocation-Wave Interaction in Dislocation Dynamics
5. J. Bonneville, D. Caillard, and P. Guyot, Dislocations and Plasticity of Icosahedral Quasicrystals
6. V.I. Alshits, E.V. Darinskaya, M.V. Koldaeva, and E.A. Petrzhik, Magnetoplastic Effect in Nonmagnetic Crystals
7. V. Vitek, and V. Paidar, Non-planar Dislocation Cores: A Ubiquitous Phenomenon Affecting Mechanical Properties of Crystalline Materials
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