Natural Gas Conversion VIII

Natural Gas Conversion VIII, 1st Edition

Proceedings of the 8th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium, May 27-31, 2007, Natal, Brazil

Natural Gas Conversion VIII, 1st Edition,Fabio Noronha,Martin Schmal,Eduardo Falabella  Sousa-Aguiar,ISBN9780080497839

Noronha   &   Schmal   &   Falabella Sousa-Aguiar   

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Looks at new developments and perspectives within the field of natural gas conversion

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Key Features

* Research comes from the most important industries and research centres in the field
* Features new studies from all around the world
* Important for consulting and updating research and development data


This volume contains peer-reviewed manuscripts describing the scientific and technological advances presented at the 8th Natural gas Conversion Symposium held in Natal-Brazil, May 27-31, 2007. This symposium continues the tradition of excellence and the status as the premier technical meeting in this area established by previous meetings. The manuscripts have been divided into eight different topics, Industrial Processes, Economics, Technology Demonstration and Commercial Activities;, Production of Hydrogen from Methane, Methanol, and Other Sources; Production of Synthesis; Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis of Hydrocarbons; From Synthesis Gas to; Catalytic Combustion; From Natural Gas to Chemicals; Light Hydrocarbons; and Production and Conversion.

These are the most interesting subjects in the utilization of natural gas with recent scientific innovation and technological advances. The book is of interest to all students and researchers active in utilization of natural gas.


For research centres and the petroleum, gas and GTL production industries. A great resource for consultants and researchers wanting to update their research and development data in this field

Fabio Noronha

Affiliations and Expertise

Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia (INT), Laboratorio de Catalise, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Martin Schmal

Affiliations and Expertise

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Centro de Tecnologia, Cidade Universitaria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Eduardo Falabella Sousa-Aguiar

Affiliations and Expertise

Cenpes/Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Natural Gas Conversion VIII, 1st Edition

Production of Synthesis Gas

FT Synthesis of Hydrocarbons

DME Synthesis

H2 Production to Fuel Cells

Production of Alternative Fuels from Natural Gas

Natural Gas to Chemicals

Production and Conversion of Light Paraffins

Catalytic Combustion

Conversion of Methane to Oxygenates, Olefins and Aromatics

Technology Demonstration and Commercial Activities

Industrial Process and Economics

Energy Production from Natural Gas
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