Impinging Streams, 1st Edition

Fundamentals, Properties and Applications

Impinging Streams, 1st Edition,Yuan Wu,ISBN9780444530370


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240 X 165

First book in over 10 years to summarize results and achievements of impinging streams

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Key Features

* describing clearly the properties of Gas-continuous and Liquid-continuous impinging streams
* introducing new technical devices
* includes a number of worked application cases, which are illustrated in detail


The original idea of IS is to send two solid-gas streams to impinge against each other at high velocity, enhancing transfer between phases. IS is classified into two kinds: Gas-continuous impinging streams (GIS) and Liquid-continuous ones (LIS). Impinging Streams describes fundamentals, major properties and application of IS, as a category of novel technologies in chemical engineering. Because of the universality of transfer phenomena, it is receiving widespread attention. This book represents the first book in this area for over 10 years and covers achievements and technologies.


For researchers and practitioners in chemical engineering, environment protection and the processing industries and for postgraduate students

Yuan Wu

Affiliations and Expertise

College of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Engineering, Wuhan Institute of Technology, China

Impinging Streams, 1st Edition

Chapter 1. Flow of continuous phase

Chapter 2. Particle behaviors

Chapter 3. Residence time distribution of particles

Chapter 4. Resistance of impinging stream equipment to flows

Chapter 5. Influence of impinging streams on dispersity of liquid

Chapter 6. Impinging stream drying

Chapter 7. Impinging stream absorption

Chapter 8. Impinging stream combustion and grinding

Chapter 9. Differences between properties of continuous phases and classification of impinging streams

Chapter 10. Micromixing in liquid-continuous impinging streams

Chapter 11. Pressure fluctuation in the submerged circulative impinging stream reactor

Chapter 12. Influence of liquid-continuous impinging stream on process kinetics

Chapter 13. Preparation of ultra fine powders by reaction-precipitation in IS: I "Ultra fine white carbon black"

Chapter 14. Preparation of ultra fine powders by reaction-precipitation in IS: II Nano copper and its surface improvement

Chapter 15. Preparation of ultra fine powders by reaction-precipitation in IS: III Nano titania

Chapter 16. Preparation of ultra fine powders by reaction-precipitation in IS: IV: Nano hydroxylapatite

Chapter 17. R&D of equipments and application forecast of liquid-continuous impinging streams
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