Scientific Data Ranking Methods

Scientific Data Ranking Methods, 1st Edition

Theory and Applications

Scientific Data Ranking Methods, 1st Edition,Manuela Pavan,Roberto Todeschini,ISBN9780444530202

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Key Features

. Covers a wide range of applications, from the environment and toxicology to DNA sequencing
. Incorporates contributions from renowned experts in the field
. Meets the increasing demand for literature concerned with ranking methods and their applications


This volume presents the basic mathematics of ranking methods through a didactic approach and the integration of relevant applications. Ranking methods can be applied in several different fields, including decision support, toxicology, environmental problems, proteomics and genomics, analytical chemistry, food chemistry, and QSAR.


Researchers in several scientific fields, such as Research Centres and Universities, Governmental Organizations, Pharmaceutical Companies, Health Control Organizations, Environmental Control Organizations

Manuela Pavan

Affiliations and Expertise

European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Ispra (Varese), Italy

Roberto Todeschini

Affiliations and Expertise

Milano Chemometrics and QSAR Research Group, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy

Scientific Data Ranking Methods, 1st Edition

Preface by Manuela Pavan and Roberto Todeschini

Chapter 1
Introduction to Ranking Methods
by L.A. Sarabia, M.S. Sánchez and M.C. Ortiz

Chapter 2
Total Order Ranking Methods
by M. Pavan and R. Todeschini

Chapter 3
Partial Ordering and Hasse Diagrams: Applications in Chemistry and Software
by Rainer Brüggemann, Kristina Voigt and Stefan Pudenz

Chapter 4
Partial Ordering and Prioritizing Polluted Sites
by Lars Carlsen

Chapter 5
Similarity/Diversity Measure for Sequentia Data based on Hasse Matrices : Theory and Applications
by A. Mauri and D. Dallabio

Chapter 6
The Interplay between Partial Ranking and Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships
by Lars Carlsen

Chapter 7
Semi-Subordination Sequences in Multi-Measure Priorization Problems
by W.L. Myers adn G.P. Patil

Chapter 8
Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Methods: A Tool for Assessing River Ecosystem Health using Functional Macroinvertebrate Traits
by Sergio Canobbio, Valeria Mezzanotte, Davide Ballabio and Manuela Pavan

Chapter 9
The DART (Decision Analysis by Ranking Techniques) Software
by A. Manganaro, D. Ballabio, V. Consonni, A. Mauri, M. Pavan and R. Todeschini
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