Analytical Applications of Ultrasound

Analytical Applications of Ultrasound, 1st Edition

Analytical Applications of Ultrasound, 1st Edition,F. Priego Capote,M.D. Luque de Castro,ISBN9780444528254


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First book to be published on Ultrasound within Analytical Chemistry

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Key Features

* Presents an up-to-date, balanced description of the potential of Ultrasound within Analytical Chemistry
* Discusses ultrasound-based detection techniques in a systematic manner
* Provides an overview of potential applications of ultrasound in a variety of different fields


Ultrasound is an energy source that has the potential for enhancing many stages of experimental analysis, but analytical chemists generally have limited knowledge of this technique. Analytical Applications of Ultrasound lays the foundations for practicing analytical chemists to consider ways of exploiting ultrasound energy in their research. This timely and unique book covers a broad range of information about ultrasound, providing advances in ultrasound equipment and demonstrations of how this energy has been used to enhance various steps of analysis. Given the limited literature on analytical applications of ultrasound, the authors provide information from other sources that suggest ways in which we can use it in the analytical laboratory. The authors discuss the principles of ultrasound and the variables we must consider in adapting ultrasound to different problems.


This book will be of interest to practising analytical or organic chemists who are already using or considering using Ultasound as a technique in their analyses

F. Priego Capote

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Marie Curie Building, Campus of Rabanales, Cordoba, Spain

M.D. Luque de Castro

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Córdoba, Córdoba, Spain

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Analytical Applications of Ultrasound, 1st Edition

Chapter 1. Introduction: fundamentals of ultrasound and basis of its analytical uses

Chapter 2. Generalities on ultrasound-assisted sample preparation

Chapter 3. Ultrasound-assisted sample digestion

Chapter 4. Ultrasound-assisted leaching

Chapter 5. Ultrasound assistance to heterogeneous samples

Chapter 6. Ultrasound assistance to analytical heterogeneous liquid–liquid systems

Chapter 7. Ultrasound-assisted chemical reactions

Chapter 8. Ultrasound assistance for improving detection techniques

Chapter 9. Ultrasound-based detection techniques

Chapter 10. Applications of ultrasound-based detection techniques
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