Global Warming and Global Cooling

Global Warming and Global Cooling, 1st Edition

Evolution of Climate on Earth

Global Warming and Global Cooling, 1st Edition,O.G. Sorokhtin,Leonid F. Khilyuk Ph.D.,G.V. Chilingarian,ISBN9780444528155

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"The beauty of the theoretical constructions contained in this book is that the authors are able to demonstrate the coincidence of natural cyclical phenomena and ice core data, and then make predictions of future climate by extrapolation of those same phenomena, a prediction of impending cooling (their figure 4.17)."
- Lee C. Gerhard, Lawrence, Kansas. December 2007, p. 1732 from "AAPG Bulletin."

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Key Features

* Presents the theory of Earth's evolution based on the laws of chemical-density differentiation of the origin of the Earth
* Discusses the adiabatic theory of the greenhouse effect with quantitative estimates of the natural and anthropogenic influences on Earth's climates
* Describes the quantitative description of the evolution of the Earth's climate throughout geologic history and prediction of the future of the Earth's climate
* Investigates the global forces of nature driving the Earth's climate


The theory of the Earth's climate evolution based on universal chemical-physical laws of matter-energy transformation is presented in the book. It shows how the process of Earth's core separation has led to formation and evolution of the hydrosphere and atmosphere. Having analyzed the processes of heat transfer in the atmosphere, the writers developed the adiabatic theory of the greenhouse effect, which was applied for analysis of climatic changes on the Earth. The influence of changes in climate on formation of mineral deposits and development of life on Earth was considered and presented based on modeling of typical climatic regimes. It shows that the anthropogenic effect on the Earth's global temperature is negligible in comparison with the effect of global forces of nature.


Civil and environmental engineers; geologists

O.G. Sorokhtin

Affiliations and Expertise

Moscow State University, Russia

Leonid F. Khilyuk Ph.D.


Leonid F. Khilyuk, Ph.D., is a consultant in mathematical modeling of environmental processes at the University of Southern California, former Chairman of the Department of Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics in the Kiev Technological University. He has over 100 publications worldwide in Mathematical Modeling of Environmental Processes, Control Theory, Probability and Statistics.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

G.V. Chilingarian

Affiliations and Expertise

School of Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-2531, USA

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Global Warming and Global Cooling, 1st Edition

1. Global Evolution of the Earth. 2. Outgassing of the earth and Formation of Hydrosphere and Atmosphere. 3. Role of Iron in the Formation of Atmosphere. 4. Evolution of Oceanic Crust. 5. Origin of Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrogen and Oxygen in the Atmosphere. 6. Evolution of Pressure and Composition of Atmosphere. 7. Evolution of Partial Pressure of Nitrogen in Atmosphere. 8. Generation of Abiogenic Methane and Origin of Life on the Earth. 9. Green House Effect (Global Warming). 10. Origin of Ice Ages. 11. Bacterial Nature of Glacial Periods. 12. Evolution of Climates.

Quotes and reviews

"A fascinating tour-de-force of earth history . . . the main strength of the book is that it provides a comprehensive integrated model of the Earth and its climate. Individuals may question different aspects of the model. That is a positive aspect, however, as it will promote discussion and further research, resulting in a better understanding of the Earth and its climate." -- Alfred H. Pekarek, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, St. Cloud University

"One of the most hotly debated science-based policy issues from the last 20 years is global climate change. . . . Most contributions about global warming are published by Anglo-Saxon authors.  We have therefore to thank Elsevier for publishing the refreshing Russina work, which presents a global view of the Earth evolution syste, from its basic planetary components to the impact of microbial activity on the climate." -- Brigitte Va Vliet-Lanoe, CNRS Domaines Oceaniques, in Geologos


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