Mathematical Statistical Physics, 1st Edition

Lecture Notes of the Les Houches Summer School 2005

Mathematical Statistical Physics, 1st Edition,Anton Bovier,François Dunlop,Aernout Van Enter,Frank Den Hollander,Jean Dalibard,ISBN9780444528131

Bovier   &   Dunlop   &   Van Enter   &   Den Hollander   &   Dalibard   

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Key Features

· introduction to a field of math with many interdisciplinary connections in physics, biology, and computer science
· roadmap to the next decade of mathematical statistical mechanics
· volume for reference years to come


The proceedings of the 2005 les Houches summer school on Mathematical Statistical Physics give and broad and clear overview on this fast developing area of interest to both physicists and mathematicians.


Libraries of mathematics and physics, Individual scientists

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Jean Dalibard


Jean Dalibard works in the field of atomic physics and quantum optics. His recent activities is centered on the physics of cold quantum gases, in particular Bose-Einstein condensation.

Affiliations and Expertise

Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, ENS, Paris, France

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Mathematical Statistical Physics, 1st Edition

Chapter 1 - K. Johansson: Random Matrices and
Determinantal Processes
Chapter 2 - W. Werner: Some Recent Aspects of Random Conformally Invariant Systems
Chapter 3 - B. Duplantier: Conformal Random Geometry
Chapter 4 - A.-S. Sznitman: Random Motions in Random Media
Chapter 5 - F. Guerra: An Introduction to Mean Field Spin Glas Theory: Methods and Results
Chapter 6 - C.M. Newman and D.L. Stein: Short-Range Spin Glasses: Selected Open Problems
Chapter 7 - G. Parisi: Computing the Number of Metastable States in Infinite-Range Models
Chapter 8 - Gerard Ben Arous and Jiri Cerny: Dynamics of Trap Models
Chapter 9 - N. Datta: Quantum Entropy and Quantum Information
Chapter 10 - A. Montanari: Two Lectures on Iterative Coding and Statistical Mechanics
Chapter 11 - A. Etheridge: Evolution in Fluctuating Populations
Chapter 12 - A. Greven: Multi-Scale Analysis of Population Models
Chapter 13 - Christian Maes: Elements of Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Chapter 14 - Frank Redig: Mathematical Aspects of
the Abelian Sandpile Model
Chapter 15 - R. Fernandez: Gibbsianness and Non-Gibbsianness in Lattice Random Fields
Chapter 16 - A.D. Sokal: Simulation of Statistical Mechanics Models
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