Alkaloids, 2nd Edition

Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, and Applications

Alkaloids, 2nd Edition,Tadeusz Aniszewski,ISBN9780444594334


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235 X 191

Reviews the chemical, biological and ecological explanations for the alkaloids class of natural products that occur widely in nature and have important medical applications

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Key Features

  • Presents the ecological role of alkaloids in nature and ecosystems interdisciplinary
  • Examines alkaloids from chemistry, biology and ecology viewpoints
  • A single handy reference volume comprehensively reviews the origin of alkaloids and their biological uses
  • Over 80% new information, including new chapters on the ecological role of alkaloids in nature and ecosystems and extraction of alkaloids


Alkaloids - Secrets of Life: Alkaloid Chemistry, Biological Significance, Applications and Ecological Role, Second Edition provides knowledge on structural typology, biosynthesis and metabolism in relation to recent research work on alkaloids, considering an organic chemistry approach to alkaloids using biological and ecological explanation. The book approaches several questions and unresearched areas that persist in this field of research. It provides a beneficial text for academics, professionals or anyone who is interested in the fascinating subject of alkaloids. Each chapter features an abstract. Appendices, a listing of alkaloids, and plants containing alkaloids are all included, as are basic protocols of alkaloid analysis.


Chemists, biologists and ecologists also serves as a source of knowledge for anyone interested in alkaloids

Tadeusz Aniszewski

Former (retired 2014) Professor in Applied Botany, University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Science and Forestry, Department of Biology, Research and Teaching Laboratory of Applied Botany, Joensuu Campus. Internationally known, Chair of Phytochemical Section of the Botanical Society of America. Lifetime scientific title of docent in applied botany. Gold Medal for a Long Service to the Scientic Community.

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Biology, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland

Alkaloids, 2nd Edition

  • Dedication
  • List of figures
  • List of tables
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Definition, typology, and occurrence of alkaloids
    • Abstract
    • 1.1 Definition
    • 1.2 Typology of alkaloids
    • 1.3 Occurrence in nature
  • Chapter 2: Alkaloid chemistry
    • Abstract
    • 2.1 Alkaloids as secondary metabolism molecules
    • 2.2 Synthesis and metabolism
  • Chapter 3: Biology of alkaloids
    • Abstract
    • 3.1 Alkaloids in biology
    • 3.2 Bioactivity
    • 3.3 Biotoxicity
    • 3.4 Bionarcotics
    • 3.5 Alkaloids in the immune system
    • 3.6 Genetic approach to alkaloids
    • 3.7 Evolutionary influences on alkaloid biology
  • Chapter 4: Ecology of alkaloids
    • Abstract
    • 4.1 Molecular basis of ecology
    • 4.2 Alkaloids in interaction between life units
    • 4.3 Biological communities and alkaloids
    • 4.4 Alkaloids in different ecosystems
  • Chapter 5: Evolution of alkaloids and alkaloids in evolution
    • Abstract
    • 5.1 Alkaloids, biodiversity, and endemism
    • 5.2 Alkaloids in evolutionary processes
    • 5.3 Alkaloids in the diversification of life
    • 5.4 Alkaloids in reinforcement, hybrid zones, and new species through hybridization
    • 5.5 Alkaloids in microevolution
    • 5.6 Alkaloids in life form and function
  • Chapter 6: Applied potential and current applications of alkaloids
    • Abstract
    • 6.1 Introduction
    • 6.2 Chemistry applications
    • 6.3 Medicinal applications
    • 6.4 Alkaloids as drugs
    • 6.5 Agricultural applications
    • 6.6 Biotechnology
  • Chapter 7: Problems of alkaloids in nature and human activity
    • Abstract
    • 7.1 Alkaloid circulation among species
    • 7.2 Alkaloids in herbivory, carnivory, and omnivory
    • 7.3 Endogenicity and exogenicity of alkaloids
    • 7.4 Novelization of alkaloids
    • 7.5 Narcosis in nature and human behavior
    • 7.6 Additions and their molecular basis
  • Appendix: Alkaloid Extraction Protocols
    • Protocol 1. Quinolizidine alkaloids
    • Protocol 2. Quinolizidine alkaloids
    • Protocol 3. Quaternary alkaloids
    • Protocol 4. Oxindole alkaloids
    • Protocol 5. Quinolizidine alkaloids for gas chromatography (GC) detection
    • Protocol 6. Quinolizidine alkaloids for the ELISA detection
    • Protocol 7. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids
    • Protocol 8. Quinine extraction
    • Protocol 9. MAE extraction of alkaloids
    • Protocol 10. UAE extraction of alkaloids
    • Protocol 11. Soxhlet extraction of alkaloids
    • Protocol 12. HRE extraction of alkaloids
    • Protocol 13. Infusion extraction of alkaloids
    • Protocol 14. Extraction of bisindole alkaloids
  • Alkaloid Index
  • Taxonomic Index
  • Author Index
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