Comprehensive Chemometrics

Comprehensive Chemometrics, 1st Edition

Chemical and Biochemical Data Analysis

Comprehensive Chemometrics, 1st Edition,Romà Tauler,Beata Walczak,Steven Brown,ISBN9780444527028

Tauler  &   Walczak  &   Brown   





A reference work designed to provide the first point of entry into the field of scientific data analysis.

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Key Features

-features the contributions of leading experts from 21 countries, under the guidance of the Editors-in-Chief and a team of specialist Section Editors: L. Buydens; D. Coomans; P. Van Espen; A. De Juan; J.H. Kalivas; B.K. Lavine; R. Leardi; R. Phan-Tan-Luu; L.A. Sarabia; and J. Trygg
-examines the merits and limitations of each technique through practical examples
and extensive visuals: 368 tables and more than 1,300 illustrations (750 in full color)
-integrates coverage of chemical and biological methods, allowing readers to consider and test a range of techniques
-consists of 2,200 pages and more than 90 review articles, making it the most comprehensive work of its kind
-offers print and online purchase options, the latter of which delivers flexibility, accessibility, and usability through the search tools and other productivity-enhancing features of ScienceDirect


Designed to serve as the first point of reference on the subject, Comprehensive Chemometrics presents an integrated summary of the present state of chemical and biochemical data analysis and manipulation. The work covers all major areas ranging from statistics to data acquisition, analysis, and applications.

This major reference work provides broad-ranging, validated summaries of the major topics in chemometrics—with chapter introductions and advanced reviews for each area. The level of material is appropriate for graduate students as well as active researchers seeking a ready reference on obtaining and analyzing scientific data.


Graduate scientists and practitioners working on the analysis and manipulation of chemical and biological data.

Romà Tauler

Affiliations and Expertise

Institute of Chemical and Environmental Research, CSIC, Spain

Beata Walczak

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Chemometrics, Institute of Chemistry, University of Silesia, Poland

Steven Brown

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Delaware, USA

Comprehensive Chemometrics, 1st Edition

Statistics; Experimental Design; Optimization; Data preprocessing; Linear soft-modeling; Unsupervised Data Mining; Linear Regression Modeling; Non-linear Regression; Classification; Feature Selection; Multivariate Robust Techniques; Applications

Quotes and reviews

"An excellent source of up-to-date information…essential for researchers and others working in the field." --Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

"Contains much to interest the spectroscopist…well worthy of a place in any analytical science library." --Spectroscopy Europe

"Highly recommended…Should find a merited place on bookshelves alongside its predecessors." --Alexey L. Pomerantsev and Oxana Ye. Rodionova, Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics RAS, Russia

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