Fluorine and the Environment : Agrochemicals, Archaeology, Green Chemistry & Water

Fluorine and the Environment : Agrochemicals, Archaeology, Green Chemistry & Water, 1st Edition

Fluorine and the Environment : Agrochemicals, Archaeology, Green Chemistry & Water, 1st Edition,Alain Tressaud,ISBN9780444526724

A Tressaud   

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Key Features

* Providing an original approach of the complex relationships between chemistry and the environment
* Reviewing the key-position of fluoro-products in agriculture
* Multidisciplinary contributions from chemists, geologists, biologists, environmentalists and industry staffs


Advances in Fluorine Science is a new book series presenting critical multidisciplinary overviews on areas in which fluorine and fluoride compounds have a decisive impact. The individual volumes of Advances in Fluorine Science are thematic, addressing comprehensively both the science and applications on topics including the Environment, Green chemistry, Medicine, Health & Life Sciences, New Technologies & Materials Science, Energy and the Earth Sciences.
In the present volume, the key-position of fluoro-products in agriculture is reviewed, since a large percentage of agro-chemicals and pesticides contain at least one fluorine atom. However, improvements in the use of fluorine-based products in agrochemicals cannot be developed without taking into consideration a safer environment, on both levels of greener synthesis routes and a reduction of the negative impact on plants and organisms. Within this scope, fluorine has a very peculiar place, since its high reactivity yields several advantages, for instance in by-passing various polluting multi-step reactions.
Fluorine-based materials are reviewed as efficient tools for protecting our cultural heritage. Also using up-to-date techniques such as ion beam analysis, this element can help relative dating applications, ranging from burial durations of archaeological bones and teeth to the determination of exposure ages of meteorites on the Antarctic ice shield.


For chemists and physico-chemists, also environmentalists, zoologists, botanists, geophysicists and archaeologists

Alain Tressaud

Dr. Tressaud is a globally recognized, leading Fluorine expert and author/editor of several previous books in the subject, including several with Elsevier. His research covers Fluorine Chemistry, solid state chemistry and materials sciences, and graphite intercalation compounds. With an H-Index of 19, his many accomplishments include more than 330 papers in international journals, 12 international patents, and over 110 invited lectures in international symposia, industry, and universities. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences, Academia Scientiarum & Artium Europaea (Austria), and the executive committee of the ACS Fluorine Division, and recipient of the Grand prix CEA de l’Académie des sciences (2008), the ACS “Award for creative work in fluorine chemistry" (2011), and the Henri Moissan International award (2012).

Affiliations and Expertise

ICMCB-CNRS University of Bordeaux, Pessac Cedex, France

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Fluorine and the Environment : Agrochemicals, Archaeology, Green Chemistry & Water, 1st Edition

1. Fluoride Removal from Water Using Adsorption Technique (M.S. Onyango, Hitoki

2. Water Defluoridation Processes: a Review - Application on Nanofiltration for Future Large Scale Pilot Plants (M. Pontié).
3. Calixpyrrole-Fluoride Interactions: from Fundamental Research to Applications in the Environmental Field (A.F. Danil de Namor, I. Abbas).
4. Fluorine-Containing Agrochemicals. An Overview of Recent Developments (Georges Theodoridis).

5. Fluorine: Friend or Foe? A Green Chemist’s Perspective (S.J. Tavener, J.H. Clark).

6. Emerging "Greener" Synthetic Routes to Hydrofluorocarbons: Metal Fluoride Mediated Oxyfluorination (M. Subramanian, T.G. Calvarese).

7. Fluorine Analysis by Ion Beam Techniques for Dating Applications (M. Döbeli et al.).

8. Fluorine and Its Relevance for Archaeological Studies (I. Reiche).

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