Radicals for Life, 1st Edition

The Various Forms of Nitric Oxide

Radicals for Life, 1st Edition,Ernst van Faassen,Anatoly Vanin,ISBN9780444522368

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First book in the market to give full overview of the physiological effects of nitrosocompounds

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Key Features

  • First monograph to consider and provide an overview of endogenous nitrosocompounds and nitrosyl-iron complexes
  • Extensive bibliographic references, written by specialists of human physiology
  • Providing high scientific quality with a focus on implications for human diseases


Radicals for Life: the Various Forms of Nitric Oxide provides an up-to-date overview of the role of nitrosocompounds and nitrosyl-iron complexes in physiology. Nitrosocompounds can be considered as stabilised forms of nitric oxide, one of the most important regulatory molecules in physiology today. Many nitrosocompounds share some of the physiological functions of nitric oxide, and may be formed inside living organisms. This is the first book to be published that is dedicated to the role of such nitrosocompounds in physiology, with particular emphasis on the nitrosocompounds that are endogenously formed in higher organisms and humans.

Points of discussion include: physical and chemical properties of the compounds, the main chemical pathways in vivo, as well as the physiological effects that have been recognised to date. Each of the nineteen chapters is written by distinguished specialists in the field, well known for their original and important contributions to the subject. Also included are results from a wide range of studies in vitro, in cell cultures, animal models and human volunteers.

Examples of alternative forms of nitric oxide, with special emphasis on their protective role against widespread human diseases like atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, and renal insufficiency to stroke and ischemia are also included.


For doctors and researchers in the field of vascular and renal medicine, human physiology and biochemistry. Medical and biochemistry students

Ernst van Faassen

Affiliations and Expertise

Debye Institute, Utrecht University Interface Physics, Ornstein Laboratory, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Anatoly Vanin

Affiliations and Expertise

Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation

Radicals for Life, 1st Edition

Part 1. Overview

Part 2. DNIC: physico-chemical properties and biological activity

Part 3. S-nitrosothiols: physico-chemical properties and biological activity

Part 4. Nitrite as a NO source in cells and tissues

Part 5. Dithiocarbamate iron complexes: implication for NO studies
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