Wetland Creation, Restoration, and Conservation

Wetland Creation, Restoration, and Conservation, 1st Edition

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Wetland Creation, Restoration, and Conservation, 1st Edition,W.J. Mitsch,ISBN9780444521347

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A world-wide review of significant wetlands

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Key Features

* Provides key integrated, long-term assessments
* Covers a selection of the world's most significant wetlands
* Addresses management approaches for wetland conservation, creation and restoration


This book covers selected papers that were presented by participants at a "Wetland Invitational" held in Columbus Ohio, USA in May 2003. They are divided, by subject matter into four general categories: 1. Restoration of a large river basin and delta; 2. Long-term wetland restoration; 3. Creation of wetlands for mitigation of wetland loss; 4. Conservation and restoration of the world’s wetlands.


Researchers and wetland managers working on wetland creation, restoration or conservation, ecological engineers, hydrologists, environmental lawyers and planners

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Wetland Creation, Restoration, and Conservation, 1st Edition

Wetland creation, restoration, and conservation: A Wetland Invitational at the Olentangy River Wetland Research Park (W.J. Mitsch).
Restoration of a large river basin and delta.
Implications of global climatic change and energy cost and availability for the restoration of the Mississippi Delta (J.W. Day, Jr. et al.).
Nitrate-nitrogen retention by wetlands in the Mississippi River Basin (W.J. Mitsch et al.).
Nutrient farming: The business of environmental management (D.L. Hey, L.S. Urban, J. Kostel).
Long-term wetland restoration.
Hambleton Island restoration: Environmental Concern's first wetland creation project (E.W. Garbish).
Landscape restoration following phosphate mining: Thirty years of co-evolution of science, industry, and regulation (M.T. Brown).
Creation of wetlands for mitigation of wetland loss.
Are we purveyors of wetland homogeneity? A model of degradation and restoration to improve wetland mitigation performance (R.P. Brooks et al.).
Construction of fens with and without hydric soils (J.P. Amon, C.S. Jacobson, M.L. Shelley).
Modeling the suitability of wetland restoration at the watershed scale (D. White, S. Fennessy).
Conservation and restoration of the world's wetlands.
Integrating vertical and horizontal approaches for management of shallow lakes and wetlands (T.L. Crisman, C. Mitraki, G. Zalidis).
Pantanal: A large South American wetland at a crossroads (W.J. Junk).
Ecological engineering for successful management and restoration of mangrove forests (R.R. Lewis).
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