Vesuvius, 1st Edition

Education, Security and Prosperity

Vesuvius, 1st Edition,Flavio Dobran,ISBN9780444521040

F Dobran   

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Preparing for volcanic emergengies

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Key Features

* Addresses volcanic risk mitigation in densely populated area surrounding Vesuvius
* Provides education about volcanos
* Displays physical modeling of eruption processes and integration of models


VESUVIUS 2000 is an interdisciplinary project aimed at producing a safe and prosperous habitat for the people living around Vesuvius. To produce this environment requires an effective collaboration between the experts and the public, whereby the danger from the volcano is used to reorganize the territory and thus produce new opportunities for the people surrounding the volcano. As an all inclusive physico-mathematical-computer model of the volcano, the Global Volcanic Simulator is a key tool for determining the effects of different eruption scenarios and thus for urban planning of the territory. Unlike the evacuation plans which tend to manage emergencies, VESUVIUS 2000 aims at preparing the Vesuvius area to confront future eruptions with minimal socio-economic and cultural consequences.


Volcanologists, geographers, economists, educators, engineers, urban planners

Flavio Dobran

Affiliations and Expertise

GVES, Naples, Italy

Vesuvius, 1st Edition

Introduzione a Vesuvius 2000.
1. Vesuvius 2000: Towards security and prospecity under the shadow of Vesuvius (F. Dobran).
2. Education: Cognitive tools and teaching Vesuvius (F. Dobran).
3. Social and economic reality of Vesuvius area (V. Di Donna).
4. Geophysicial precursors at Vesuvius from historial and archeological sources (A. Marturano).
5. Ballistics shower during plinian scenario at Vesuvius (V. de Novellis, G. Luongo).
6. Shear-wave velocity models and seismic sources in Campanian volcanic araes: Vesuvius and Phlegraean fields (M. Guidarelli et al).
7. Global volcanic simulation: Physical modeling, numerics, and computer implementation (F. Dobran, J.I. Ramos).
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