Catchment Dynamics and River Processes

Catchment Dynamics and River Processes, 1st Edition

Catchment Dynamics and River Processes, 1st Edition,C. Garcia,R.J. Batalla,ISBN9780444520845

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Examines the natural and anthropogenic processes operating in drainage basins and river channels

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Key Features

* Examines the natural and anthropogenic processes operating in drainage basins and river channels, and covers current investigations on Process Geomorphology and Catchment Hydrology, including management issues
* Topics covered include soil erosion, catchment hydrology, suspended sediment transport, bedload dynamics in gravel-bed rivers, and sediment yield
* Emphasis is on the Mediterranean region


Maria Sala introduced experimental and field-based studies on soil and fluvial processes in Spain during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Research on this broad topic has grown remarkably worldwide since then. This title shows some of these advances and documents the latest research, although with a particularity: it gives special treatment to research on Mediterranean climate regions, an ever-present issue in Maria Sala's research career. It contains the latest research on slope and river processes with a special emphasis on rivers and catchments with a Mediterranean climate. Papers cover a gamut of topics describing research and applied studies, mainly in Spain, but also in Israel, the USA, Canada, the UK and New Zealand.

The book examines natural and anthropogenic processes operating in drainage basins and includes coverage of current experimental and fieldwork investigations on soil erosion, river and catchment hydrology, suspended sediment transport and bedload dynamics in gravel-bed rivers, and present-day diagnosis and future key-paths for catchment and river management.


Intended as supplementary reading for graduate students, post-doc researchers and senior academic staff. Professional staff at State Environmental Agencies and private consultants.

C. Garcia

Affiliations and Expertise

University of the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

R.J. Batalla

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Lleida, Spain

Catchment Dynamics and River Processes, 1st Edition

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1. Catchment dynamics in a Mediterranean mountain environment
The Vallcebre research basins (southeastern Pyrenees) I: hydrology (F. Gallart, J. Latron, P. Llorens).
2. Catchment dynamics in a Mediterranean mountain environment:
the Vallcebre research basins (southeastern Pyrenees) II: temporal
and spatial dynamics of erosion and stream sediment transport (F. Gallart et al.).
3. Patterns and thresholds of runoff generation and sediment transport on some Mediterranean hillslopes (A. Calvo-Cases, C. Boix-Fayos, E. Arnau-Rosalen).
4. Repeated patterns of Quaternary discontinuous gullying at El Tormillo, Ebro Basin, Spain (A.M. Harvey, M. Gutiérrez-Elorza).
5. The influence of soil saturation on the stability of abandoned agricultural hillslope terraces under Mediterranean climatic conditions (A. Zgaier, M. Inbar).
6. The long-term effects on soil properties from a forest fire of varying intensity in a Mediterranean environment (X. Úbeda, S. Bernia, E. Simelton).
7. Landscape disturbance and organic carbon in alluvium bordering steepland rivers, East Coast Continental Margin, New Zealand (B. Gomez, N.A. Trustrum).
8. A decade of sediment transport measurements in a large Mediterranean river (the Tordera, Catalan Ranges, NE Spain) (R.J. Batalla, C. Garcia, A. Rovira).
9. Upland gravel-bed rivers with low sediment transport (M. Church, M.A. Hassan).
10. Maintenance of an obstruction-forced pool in a gravel-bed channel: streamflow, channel morphology, and sediment transport (R.D. Woodsmith, M.A. Hassan).
11. Hydrological effects of dams and water diversions on rivers of Mediterranean-climate regions: examples from California (G.M. Kondolf, R.J. Batalla).
12. The geomorphology and management of a dynamic, unstable gravel-bed river: the Feshie - Spey confluence, Scotland (A. Werritty, T.B. Hoey, A. Black).
Subject Index.
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