Myopathies and Muscle Diseases

Myopathies and Muscle Diseases, 1st Edition

Myopathies and Muscle Diseases, 1st Edition,Frank Mastaglia,David Hilton-Jones,ISBN9780444518996

Mastaglia   &   Hilton-Jones   




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This volume is part of the Handbook of Clinical Neurology series, the world’s most comprehensive source of information in neurology. Now in its third generation, the series has an unparalleled reputation for providing the latest foundational research, diagnosis, and treatment protocols essential for both basic neuroscience research and clinical neurology.

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Key Features

* A comprehensive guide to myopathies, including the pathological basis and molecular pathogenesis of these diseases
* Informative information on complex topics, including congenital muscle disorders, the role of heredity, and age related illness, amongst others
* A state-of-the-art guide that presents invaluable information on clinical investigation and techniques for the management of patient care


This volume provides a comprehensive guide to myopathies, including breakthroughs that have led to a wider appreciation of the nature of these muscle diseases.

Chapters on congenital muscle disorders, biological changes, and diseases associated with aging are included, along with detailed discussions of mitochondrial myopathies, disorders of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, and the role of heredity, amongst others.

Neurologists, myopathologists, and other professionals dealing with this broad group of diseases will find state-of-the-art information on the clinical investigation and management of patient care, as well as the latest information on the pathological basis and molecular pathogenesis of these diseases.


Neuroscience research workers

Frank Mastaglia


Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Neurology, University of Western Australia, Australia; Consultant Neurologist, Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

David Hilton-Jones


Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant Neurologist, Muscle and Nerve Centre, Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, UK

Myopathies and Muscle Diseases, 1st Edition

Congenital myopathies. Myopathies with early contractures. Myotonic disorders. Periodic paralyses. Malignant Hyperthermia. Mitochondrial cytopathies. Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism. Disorders of lipid metabolism. Investigation of suspected metabolic myopathy. Lysosomal myopathies. Distal myopathies. Hereditary inclusion body myositis. Sporadic inclusion body myositis. Autoimmune inflammatory myopathies. Infective myopathies. Toxic myopathies. Endocrine myopathies. Muscle disorders associated with aging. Muscle cramp syndromes. Miscellaneous disorders.
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