Handbook of Agricultural Economics, 1st Edition

Handbook of Agricultural Economics, 1st Edition,Robert Evenson,Prabhu Pingali,ISBN9780444518743

Evenson   &   Pingali   

North Holland




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A comprehensive and accessible survey of the current state of the field of agricultural economics

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Advances in agriculture offer many countries the best and only chance of reducing poverty. Yet economic growth and population increases are driving higher demand for food and rising real prices. What solutions have successfully promoted agriculture? This volume examines national and international food agriculture policies and how they enhance agricultural productivity growth. It provides unique historical reviews on policies and their effects, and it clearly articulates both positive and negative lessons for promoting agriculture lead growth. With chapters written by international authorities, this book recognizes that agriculture is not just about providing food for today, but about growing it in an environmentally sustainable way that can help people work their ways out of poverty.Chapters cover international macro-economic policies and trade, farm structure in developing countries, regional experiences in agriculture, and regional studies on agricultural productivity policies.



Robert Evenson

Affiliations and Expertise

Yale University, New Haven, CT, U.S.A.

Prabhu Pingali

Affiliations and Expertise

FAO/UN, Rome, Italy

Handbook of Agricultural Economics, 1st Edition

Overview (R. Evenson & P. Pingali)

Part 1. Policies.

Macroeconomic Policies and Agriculture (E. Diaz-Bonilla, S. Robinson).

Domestic Support/Tax Policies (T. Roe, Munisamy Gopinath).

International Policies (K. Anderson).

Part 2. Farm Structure.

Plantation Agriculture (Y. Hayami).

Small Farms (M. Lipton, R. Eastwood, A. Newell).

Part 3. Aid to Farmers.

Sustainable Development and Aid (R. Herdt, A. McCalla).

Part 4. Regional Experiences.

East Asia (S. Fan).

South East Asia (C. David).

South Asia (M. Hossain).

Middle East and North Africa (Aden Aw-Hassan, Kamil Shideed)

Sub-Saharan Africa (S. Ehui, J. Ndjeunga).

Latin America (A.F. Avila, L. Romano).

FAO Data-Based TFP Measures (R.E. Evenson, A.F. Avila).

Agricultural Transformation Across Agro-ecologies - Dev Pathways (C. Bantilan).

Agricultural Productivity and Economic Growth (Y. Mundlak).
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