Natural Immunity

Natural Immunity, 1st Edition

Natural Immunity, 1st Edition,Lorand Bertok,Donna Chow,ISBN9780444517555

Bertok   &   Chow   

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Key Features

* The first comprehensive book on natural immunity
* Reviews new topics, effects of behaviour, aging, and exercise, and diet on natural immunity
* Highlights the physiological role of natural immunity
* Focuses on the relationship of the neuroendocrine system with natural immunity
* Brings together the diversity and complexity of natural immune system activity


Immunology researchers, teachers and students; neuroendocrinologists

Lorand Bertok

Donna Chow

Natural Immunity, 1st Edition

List of Contributors
Host Defense Mechanisms

Host Defense: An Interaction of Neuroendocrine-, Metabolic and Immune Mechanisms in the Interest of Survival
Epithelial, Secretory and Endogenous Host Defense
Antimicrobial Peptides - The Defense Never Rests
Endogenous Cytoprotective Mechanisms
The Role of Bile Acids in Natural Resistance: Physico-Chemical Host Defense
The Natural Immune System
A Historical Introduction of Natural Killer (NK) Cells and Current Status of Their Role in Host Defenses
The Role of the Reticuloendothelial System in Natural Immunity
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