Stable Gas-in-Liquid Emulsions

Stable Gas-in-Liquid Emulsions, 1st Edition

Production in Natural Waters and Artificial Media

Stable Gas-in-Liquid Emulsions, 1st Edition,Joseph D'Arrigo,ISBN9780080541662


Elsevier Science



Provides comprehensive introduction to topic of molecular-microsimulation for colloids dispersions

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Key Features

  • Presents updated results from extensive multidisciplinary research on coated microbubbles
  • Greatly expanded and updated 2nd edition, with five new chapters
  • Fills the gap for a comprehensive and up-to-date account of subject matter


This title is a greatly expanded and updated second edition of the original volume published by Elsevier in 1986. New material has been integrated with the original content in an organized and comprehensive manner.

Five new chapters have been included, which review over one and a half decades of research into lipid-coated microbubbles (LCM) and their medical applications. The new chapters contain much experimental data, which is examined in detail, along with relevant current literature.

This current edition builds on the original work in effectively filling the gap in the market for a comprehensive account of the surfactant stabilization of coated microbubbles.


Graduate students, researchers and professionals concerned with chemistry, physics and biology in a wide variety of fields

Joseph D'Arrigo

Affiliations and Expertise

Cavitation-Control Technology, Inc., Connecticut, U.S.A.

Stable Gas-in-Liquid Emulsions, 1st Edition

Selected Chapter Titles

Occurrence Of Dilute Gas-In-Liquid

Emulsions In Natural Waters

Early Work With Aqueous Carbohydrate Gels

Characteristic Glycopeptide Fraction Of Natural Microbubble Surfactant

Ecological Chemistry Of Microbubble Surfactant

Structure Of Predominant Surfactant Components

Stabilizing Natural Microbubbles

Stable Microbubbles In Physiological Fluids: Competing Hypotheses

Concentrated Gas-In-Liquid Emulsions In Artificial Media

I. Demonstration By Laser-Light Scattering

Proposed Mechanism Of Selective L.C.M. Uptake By

Tumor Cells: Role Of Lipoprotein Receptor-Mediated

Endocytic Pathways

Endocytotic Events Versus Particle Size
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