Surface Dynamics, 1st Edition

Surface Dynamics, 1st Edition,D. Woodruff,ISBN9780080498348

D Woodruff   

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Provides insight into the present state of investigation of Surface Dynamics

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Key Features

- Presents considerable advances in surface science field
- Collection of expert reviews in surface dynamics


While much of traditional surface science has been concerned with equilibrium properties and simple kinetics, there is a growing effort in the area of dynamical processes at surfaces. This book draws together a series of chapters written by acknowledged experts in the field, which describe progress in a range of specific topics.

The emphasis is on chemical reaction dynamics, including both theoretical and experimental approaches and covering work on low index single crystal surfaces, on stepped surfaces and on supported metal clusters. Other processes, such as surface diffusion are also addressed. Further chapters discuss dynamical processes in electronically-induced desorption, and in surface diffusion on semiconductors and metals.


Research institutes in chemistry (notably physical chemistry) and physics, especially in the area of surfaces and heterogeneous catalysis. University departments of both chemistry and physics with active research programs in these fields.

D. Woodruff

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Warwick, Warwick, U.K.

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Surface Dynamics, 1st Edition

Dynamics of molecule-surface interactions from first principles; H2 dissociation dynamics on metals: where do we stand?; Eley-Rideal and hot atom reactions between H atoms on metal and graphite surfaces; Molecular beam scattering at metal surfaces; Dynamics of precursors in activated dissociative chemisorption systems; State-resolved measurements of surface reaction dynamics; Direct and indirect channels to molecular dissociation at metal and metal alloy surfaces; Chemisorption dynamics in the presence of well defined surface defects; Reaction dynamics on supported metal clusters; Laser-induced desorption from metal and oxide surfaces; Diffusion on semiconductor group IV (001) surfaces; Diffusion of vacancies in metal surfaces: theory and experiment.
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