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Advances in Biosensors

Advances in Biosensors, 1st Edition

Perspectives in Biosensors

Advances in Biosensors, 1st Edition,Bansi Malhotra,Anthony Turner,ISBN9780444513373

Malhotra   &   Turner   

JAI Press




156 X 234

This reference text is devoted to the principles and applications of biosensors.

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Key Features

Discusses novel ways that can be used to fabricate biosensors for a variety of applications
Biosensors have applications in many scientific areas
Contributors are experts in their respective fields of research


There is a worldwide effort towards the development of bioanalytical devices that can be used for detection, quantification and monitoring of specific chemical species. In this context, biosensors represent an emerging trend in the diagnostics industry. A biosensor is a device that has a biological sensing element either intimately connected to or integrated within a transducer. The aim is to produce a digital electronic signal that is proportional to the concentration of a specific chemical or a set of chemicals. Biosensors are specific, rapid, cost-effective and easy to use devices that can be employed with minimal sample treatment. Biosensors have applications in many areas such as biotechnology, healthcare, pollution monitoring, food and agriculture product monitoring, the pharmaceuticals industry and defense.

This reference text is devoted to the principles and applications of biosensors and meets the needs of academic institutes, research laboratories and the rapidly developing biosensor industry.


Biotechnologists, biochemists, bioelectrochemists, analytical chemists, chemical engineers, and electronic engineers working in academic institutes, research laboratories and in industry on the design and fabrication of biosensors and their applications.

Bansi Malhotra

Affiliations and Expertise

National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India

Anthony Turner

Affiliations and Expertise

Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, U.K.

Advances in Biosensors, 1st Edition

Chapter 1. Optical Diagnostics for Medicine
Chapter 2. Immunosensors for Pesticides Monitoring
Chapter 3. Designing a Simple Biosensor
Chapter 4. Diagnostics applications of enzyme doped sol-gel derived glasses
Chapter 5. Electrochemical biosensors
Chapter 6. Research and Development of Biosensors for Food Analysis in India
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