Acetylcholine in the Cerebral Cortex

Acetylcholine in the Cerebral Cortex, 1st Edition

Acetylcholine in the Cerebral Cortex, 1st Edition,L. Descarries,K. Krnjevic,M. Steriade,ISBN9780444511256

Progress in Brain Research

Descarries   &   Krnjevic   &   Steriade   

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Comprehensive exposé, by leading neuroscientists, of current knowledge on the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the cerebral cortex. All aspects of the subject are covered, from its most elementary, at the molecular and cellular levels, to its systemic and holistic implications, including its role in cognition and involvement in human diseases and therapeutics.

The twenty-two chapters are grouped under four main headings : I. Functional Morphology of the Acetylcholine Innervation in Cerebral Cortex (Including Hippocampus); II. Modes of Action of Acetylcholine in the Cerebral Cortex; III. Cortical Properties and Functions Modulated by Acetylcholine, and IV. Clinical, Pathological and Therapeutic Implications. This broad perspective updates the reader on recent advances and future trends in the study of a major neuromodulatory system in brain.

L. Descarries

Affiliations and Expertise

Departments of Pathology and Cellular Biology and of Physiology, Centre de Recherche en Science Neurologiques, Université de Montréal, QC, Canada

K. Krnjevic

Affiliations and Expertise

Anaesthesia Research Unit and Department of Physiology, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada

M. Steriade

Affiliations and Expertise

Laboratory of Neurophysiology, Department of Anatomy and Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Université Laval, Quebec, QC, Canada

Acetylcholine in the Cerebral Cortex, 1st Edition

List of contributors. Preface. Acknowledgements. I. The Acetylcholine Innervation of Cerebral Cortex. 1. Phylogenetic and ontogenetic aspects of the basal forebrain cholinergic neurons and their innervation of the cerebral cortex
(K. Semba). 2. Structural determinants of the roles of acetylcholine in cerebral cortex (L. Descarries, N. Mechawar et al.). 3. Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes in cerebral cortex and hippocampus (L.A. Volpicelli, A.I. Levey). 4. The cholinergic innervation of the human cerebral cortex
(M.-M. Mesulam). II. Modes of Action of Acetylcholine in the Cerebral Cortex. 5. Synaptic mechanisms modulated by acetylcholine in cerebral cortex (K. Krnjević). 6. Functional and molecular characterization of neuronal nicotinic ACh receptors in rat hippocampal interneurons (J.L. Yakel, Z. Shao). 7. The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes and their function in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex
(M. Alkondon, E.X. Albuquerque). 8. Studies of muscarinic neurotransmission with antimuscarinic toxins (L.T. Potter, D.D. Flynn et al.). III. Cortical Properties and Functions Modulated by Acetylcholine. 9. Hyperactivation of developing cortical circuits by acetylcholine and the ontogeny of abnormal cognition and emotion: findings and hypothesis (A. Peinado, D.P. Calderon). 10. Synaptic mechanisms and cholinergic regulation in auditory cortex (R. Metherate, C. Hsieh). 11. Activity, modulation and role of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons innervating the cerebral cortex (B.E. Jones). 12. Cholinergic modulation of the cortical microvascular bed
(E. Hamel). 13. Acetylcholine systems and rhythmic activities during the waking-sleep cycle (M. Steriade). 14. Cholinergic mechanisms mediating anaesthetic induced altered states of consciousness (S.B. Backman, P. Fiset, G. Plourde). 15. High acetylcholine sets circuit dynamics for attention and encoding; Low acetylcholine sets dynamics for consolidation
(M.E. Hasselmo, J. McGaughy). IV. Clinical, Pathological and Therapeutic Implications. 16. Knock-out and knock-in mice to investigate the role of nicotinic receptors in the central nervous system (N. Champtiaux, J.-P. Changeux). 17. Nicotinic modulation of thalamocortical neurotransmission (P.B.S. Clarke). 18. Amyloid &bgr; peptides and central cholinergic neurons: functional interrelationship and relevance to Alzheimer's disease pathology (S. Kar, R. Quirion). 19. Nicotinic receptor mutations in human epilepsy (O.K. Steinlein). 20. Neurochemistry of consciousness: cholinergic pathologies in the human brain
(E.K. Perry, R.H. Perry). 21. Functional studies of cholinergic activity in normal and Alzheimer disease states by imaging technique (A. Nordberg). 22. Paying attention to acetylcholine: the key to wisdom and quality of life? (P.J. Whitehouse). Subject Index.

Quotes and reviews

@from:R. Luján
@qu:...this book will be illustrative not only to those entering the field of acetylcholine in the brain, but also has enormous reference value for neuroscientists, graduate students in neurobiology, medical students and clinicians. I would unreservedly recommend Acetylcholine in the Cerebral Cortex to all of them and to librarians alike. Reading the book was an enjoyable learning experience, which I am sure will be shared by all those interested in the cholinergic system.
@source:Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy
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