Chromatography, 6th Edition

Fundamentals and applications of chromatography and related differential migration methods - Part B: Applications

Chromatography, 6th Edition,E. Heftmann,ISBN9780080472256

E Heftmann   

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An updated and completely revised new edition of this classical sourcebook for modern separation methods.

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Key Features

1. Each chapter written by an authority
2. Thorough treatment of the theoretical basis of separation methods
3. Practical guide for performing analyses


Chromatography has emerged as the most important and versatile analytical method. The book is not only an updated version of Heftmann's classical text, but it covers areas of future importance, such as microfluidics and computer resources. Under his experienced guidance, authorities in each field have contributed their practical experience to an integrated treatment of modern micro analysis.
Part B of this two volume set brings the traditional field of application up to date. These include amino acids and proteins, nucleic acids and their constituents, lipid, and carbohydrates. Special chapters are devoted to the most important areas of application: drug and environmental analysis. Forensic and phytochemical applications are covered for the first time. Together with an overview of computer resources, the subject index allows novices as well as experts to obtain rapid and authoritative guidance to analytical problems, such as choice of methods and optimization of techniques and instrumentation.


Professional scientists that wish an in-depth understanding of the various separation science disciplines.

E. Heftmann

Affiliations and Expertise

Orinda, CA, USA

Chromatography, 6th Edition

Inorganic species (P.R. Haddad, K. Robards).
Chromatography of amino acids and peptides (M. Castagnola et al.).
Electrophoresis of proteins and peptides (P.G. Righetti et al.).
Part I: Gel electrophoresis.
Part II: Free zone electrophoresis.
Chromatography of Proteins (A. Jungbauer, C. Machold).
Lipids (A. Kuksis).
Carbohydrates (S.C. Churms).
Nucleic Acids and their Constituents (Y. Baba, L. Zhang).
Drugs (I.D. Wilson).
Environmental analysis (D. Barceló et al.).
Phytochemical analysis (G. Stecher, G.K. Bonn).
Forensic analysis (M.J. Bogusz, A. Carracedo).
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