Emerging Technologies in Protein and Genomic Material Analysis

Emerging Technologies in Protein and Genomic Material Analysis, 1st Edition

Emerging Technologies in Protein and Genomic Material Analysis, 1st Edition,Gyorgy Marko-Varga,Peter Oroszlan,ISBN9780444509642


Elsevier Science




240 X 165

A comprehensive reference on emerging protein and genomic material analysis techniques.

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Key Features

· Contains state-of-the-art knowledge of the field and detailed descriptions of new technologies
· Provides examples of relevant applications and case studies
· Contributing authors are leading scientists in their own respective research fields


It is widely recognized that analytical technologies and techniques are playing a pioneering role in a range of today's foremost challenging scientific endeavours, including especially biological and biomedical research. Worthy of mention, for example, are the role that high performance separation techniques played in mapping the human genome and the pioneering work done within mass spectrometry.

It is also apparent that state-of-the-art pharmaceutical and biomedical research is the major driving force of the development of new analytical techniques. Advancements in genomics research has provided the opportunity for a call for new drug targets for new technologies, which has speeded up drug discovery and helped to counteract the trend towards inflation of R&D costs.

This book has been designed to be a reference covering a wide range of protein and genomic material analysis techniques. Emerging developments are presented with applications where relevant, and biological examples are included. It was developed to meet the ever growing need for a comprehensive and balanced text on an analytical technique which has generated a tremendous amount of interest in recent years.

In addition, this book also serves as a modern textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in various disciplines including chemistry, biology and pharmacy.

Authors of the individual chapters are recognized champions of their individual research disciplines and also represent contemporary major research centres in this field.


Life sciences organizations; government labs; pharmaceutical and biotech industries & organizations; graduates and undergraduates studying analytical chemistry, analytical biochemistry, pharmaceutical analysis and biotechnology.

Gyorgy Marko-Varga

Affiliations and Expertise

Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Peter Oroszlan

Affiliations and Expertise

Zeptoses AG, Witterswil, Switzerland

Emerging Technologies in Protein and Genomic Material Analysis, 1st Edition

Preface; Enabling Bio-Analytical Technologies for Protein and Genomic Material Analysis and their Impact on Biology; DNA sequencing: from capillaries to microchips; Phosphoprotein and phosphoproteome analysis by mass spectrometry; Quantitative peptide determination using column-switching capillary chromatography interfaced with mass spectrometry; On-line continuous flow, multi-protein biochemical assays for the characterization of bio-active compounds using electrospray quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry; Capillary Isoelectric Focusing Developments in Protein Analysis; Bio-Affinity Extraction for the Analysis of Cytokines and Proteomics Samples; Peptidomics-Based Discovery of Endogenous Neuropeptides in the Brain; Beauty of Silicon Micromachined Microstructures interfaced to MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry; Identification and characterization of peptides and proteins using Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry; Biological Single Molecule Applications and Advanced Biosensing
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