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Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry, Volume 4

Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry, Volume 4, 1st Edition

Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry, Volume 4, 1st Edition,L.M. Babcock,N.G. Adams,ISBN9780444509291


Elsevier Science




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Gas phase ion chemistry is a broad field that has many applications and which encompasses various branches of chemistry and physics. Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry, Volume 4, describes innovative ways of studying reactions as well as the application of unique apparatuses to problems in this field. This volume contains a series of chapters, in the general area of gas phase chemistry and physics, which are at the cutting edge of research.

The chapters are not meant to be general reviews, but focus on the author's own work. They focus on both experimental and theoretical work, which gives a balance to the volume. Applications are included to appeal to a wider audience and to broaden the knowledge of the more fundamentally inclined. An application to environmental pollution monitoring and medical monitoring of breath is included. With successive volumes, the coverage broadens to include more current research in the title area.

The book is aimed at graduate researchers, university faculty and graduates in industry. The editors have made a specific effort to include contributions from those relatively new to the field, which brings in new ideas and perspectives, as well as those more established workers, who bring a wealth of experience.


For chemistry and physics students and researchers utilizing gas phase ion chemistry.

L.M. Babcock

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Chemistry, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602, USA

N.G. Adams

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Chemistry, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA

Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry, Volume 4, 1st Edition

Chapter headings. List of contributors. Dedication and eulogy: Werner Lindinger 1944-2001. Preface (N.G. Adams, L.M. Babcock). Environmental, food and medical applications of proton-transfer-reactions mass spectrometry (PTR-MS) (W. Lindinger et al.). Hypervalent bonding in gas-phase anions (L.S. Sunderlin). Ion-molecule kinetics at high temperatures (300 - 1800K): derivation of internal energy dependencies (A.A. Viggiano, S. Williams). Flowing afterglow optical studies of electronic structures and reactions of small rare gas cluster ions (M. Tsuji). Merged beams studies of electron-molecular ion interactions in ion storage rings (M. Larsson). Neutral products from gas phase rearrangements of simple carbocations (T.H. Morton). Multipole-bound molecular anions (R.N. Compton, N.I Hammer). Index.
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