Reproductive Biotechnology in Finfish Aquaculture

Reproductive Biotechnology in Finfish Aquaculture, 1st Edition

Reproductive Biotechnology in Finfish Aquaculture, 1st Edition,C.-S. Lee,E.M. Donaldson,ISBN9780444509130

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The successful reproduction of cultured brood stock is essential to the sustainable aquaculture of aquatic organisms. This book describes recent advances in the field of finfish reproductive biotechnology. The chapters in this volume are written by eminent scientists who review the progress and assess the status of biotechnology research that is applicable to the reproduction of finfish species for aquaculture. A wide range of topics is included starting with broodstock technologies such as broodstock genetics, broodstock nutrition, environmental control of maturation and impacts of stress on broodstock, gametes and progeny.

The volume includes technologies for induction of ovulation and spermiation using synthetic hypothalamic peptides. Gamete technologies which are described include cryopreservation, chromosome set manipulation, disease prevention and control for gametes and embryos and the development of transgenic fish with enhanced production characteristics. Genetic and endocrine technologies for the production of monosex male and female fish stocks are also described.

The closing chapter summarizes the discussion of each topic at the workshop, provides recommendations to industry and describes priorities of research and development. Researchers as well as teaching faculty in the aquaculture field will find this volume of great value.

C.-S. Lee

Affiliations and Expertise

The Oceanic Institute, 41-202 Kalanianaole Highway, Waimanalo, HI 96795, USA

E.M. Donaldson

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Fisheries and Oceans, West Vancouver Laboratory, West Vancouver, Canada

Reproductive Biotechnology in Finfish Aquaculture, 1st Edition

Effects of stress on fish reproduction, gamete quality, and progeny (C.B. Schreck, W. Contreras-Sanchez, M.S. Fitzpatrick).
Effect of broodstock nutrition on reproductive performance of fish (M.S. Izquierdo, H. Fernández-Palacios, A.G.J. Tacon).
Genetics and broodstock management of coho salmon (J.M. Myers, P.O. Heggelund, G. Hudson, R.N. Iwamoto).
The environmental regulation of maturation in farmed finfish with special reference to the role of photoperiod and melatonin (N. Bromage, M. Porter, C. Randall).
Endocrine manipulations of spawning in cultured fish: from hormones to genes (Y. Zohar, C.C. Mylonas).
Disease prevention and control for gametes and embryos of fish and marine shrimp (J.A. Brock, R. Bullis).
Cryopreservation of finfish and shellfish gametes and embryos (N.-H. Chao, I.C. Liao).
The role of aquatic biotechnology in aquaculture (C.L. Hew, G.L. Fletcher).
Genetic improvement of aquaculture finfish species by chromosome manipulation techniques in Japan (K. Arai).
Endocrine sex control strategies for the feminization of teleost fish (F. Piferrer).
Monosex male production in finfish as exemplified by tilapia: applications, problems, and prospects (J.A. Beardmore, G.C. Mair, R.I. Lewis).
General discussion on "Reproductive biotechnology in finfish aquaculture" (C.-S. Lee, E.M. Donaldson).
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