Oxide Surfaces, 1st Edition

Oxide Surfaces, 1st Edition,D. Woodruff,ISBN9780444507457

D Woodruff   

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The book is a multi-author survey (in 15 chapters) of the current state of knowledge and recent developments in our understanding of oxide surfaces. The author list includes most of the acknowledged world experts in this field. The material covered includes fundamental theory and experimental studies of the geometrical, vibrational and electronic structure of such surfaces, but with a special emphasis on the chemical properties and associated reactivity. The main focus is on metal oxides but coverage extends from 'simple' rocksalt materials such as MgO through to complex transition metal oxides with different valencies.

D. Woodruff

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Warwick, Warwick, U.K.

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Oxide Surfaces, 1st Edition

Chapter 1.
Metal oxide surfaces and interfaces: concepts and issues
(V.E. Henrich).

Chapter 2.
Clean oxide surfaces: a theoretical review
(C. Noguera).

Chapter 3.
Theory of point defects at the MgO surface
(G. Pacchioni).

Chapter 4.
Theory of physical and chemical behaviour of transition metal oxides: vanadium and molybdenum oxides
(K. Hermann, M. Witko).

Chapter 5.
Geometry of adsorbates on metal oxide surfaces
(R. Lindsay et al.).

Chapter 6.
Atomic structure of oxide surfaces by surface X-ray scattering
(G. Renaud, A. Barbier).

Chapter 7.
Structure of thin epitaxial oxide films and their surfaces
(S.A. Chambers).

Chapter 8.
Molecules on well-structured oxide surfaces
(H.-J. Freund et al.).

Chapter 9.
Atomic-scale chemical and electronic structure studies of well-defined metal oxide surfaces
(C.C. Chusuei et al.).

Chapter 10.
Principles of reactivity from studies of organic reactions on model oxide surfaces
(A.B. Sherrill, M.A. Barteau).

Chapter 11.
The structure of TiO2 surfaces
(U. Diebold).

Chapter 12.
The anisotropy of metal oxide surface properties
(G.S. Rohrer).

Chapter 13.
Vibrational spectroscopy of oxide surfaces
(B.E. Hayden).

Chapter 14.
Electronic structure of oxide surfaces
(R.G. Egdell).

Chapter 15.
Desorption induced by electronic transitions, DIET, at oxide surfaces
(J.L. de Segovia, E.M. Williams).
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