Hadron and Nuclear Physics with Electromagnetic Probes

Hadron and Nuclear Physics with Electromagnetic Probes, 1st Edition

Hadron and Nuclear Physics with Electromagnetic Probes, 1st Edition,K. Maruyama,H. Okuno,ISBN9780444505392

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In recent years, the main research areas were photonuclear reactions and meson productions by using the first high-duty tagged photon beam and the TAGX spectrometer. Although this field is developing quite rapidly, the synchrotron was closed in 1999 after 37 years of operation, and these activities continue at new facilities. It was therfore a good time to discuss the present status and future directions of this field at this occasion. The Symposium was attended by 85 physicists and 35 talks were presented. This book contains the papers presented in the scientific program of the Symposium.

aspects of kaon photoproduc

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Information about this author is currently not available.

Hadron and Nuclear Physics with Electromagnetic Probes, 1st Edition

Preface. Introduction to the symposium. Hadrons and nuclear physics with EM probes - from QCD point of view - (T. Hatsuda).
Mesons in nuclear medium. Vector mesons in medium and dileptons in heavy-ion collisions. (R. Rapp, J. Wambach). &rgr;° mesons in the nucleus (K.Maruyama). Nuclear production of &fgr; meson at KEK (H. En'yo, J. Chiba, H. Funahasi, H. Hamagaki, M. Ieiri, M. Ishino, S. Mihara, T. Miyashita, T. Murakami, R. Muto, M. Naruki, M. Nomachi, K. Ozawa, O. Sasaki, M. Sekimoto, H.D. Sato, T. Tabaru, K. H. Tanaka, S. Yamada, S. Kokkaichi, Y. Yoshimura). Lepton pair spectroscopy with HADES at GSI (J. Friese).
Nucleon resonances in nuclei and related topics. S11(1535) resonance in nuclei (H. Yamazaki, T. Yorita, T. Kinoshita, T. Okuda, H. Matsui, T. Maruyama, J. Kasagi, T. Suda, K. Itoh, T. Miyakawa, H. Okuno, H. Shimizu, H.Y. Yoshida, T. Kinashi). Delta in nuclei excited by hadronic processes (J. Chiba). The physics of &Dgr;&Dgr; exitation (G.M. Huber). The neutral pion photoproduction on the proton near threshold (Il. T. Cheon, M.T. Jeong). Photoneutron cross section measurement on 9Be by means of inverse Compton scattering of laser photons (H. Utsunomiya, Y. Yonezawa, H. Akimune, T. Yamagata, M. Ohta, M. Fujishiro, H. Toyokawa, H. Ohgaki). Nuclear disintegration induced by virtual photons at heavy-ion colliders (I.A. Pshenichnov).
Strangeness physics. Kaon photoproduction on nuclei K+ meson photoproduction on nuclei (E.Ya. Paryev). Phenomenological photoproduction on the nucleon (T. Mart, S. Sumowidagdo, C. Bennhold, H. Habetzettl). Hyperon polarization of Kaon photoproduction from the deuteron (H. Yamamura, K. Miyagawa, T. Mart, C. Bennhold, H. Habberzettl, W. Glockle). Physics of associated strangeness production at ELSA (E.Paul). Retrospect and prospect of hypernuclear physics (O. Hashimoto). Spin-orbit splitting of 13&lgr;C (H. Kohri, S. Ajimura, R.E. Chrien, P.M. Eugenio, G. Franklin, J. Franz, T. Fukuda, L. Gan, H. Hayakawa, P. Khaustov, T. Kishimoto, M. Matsuoka, M. May, S. Minami, Y. Miyake, T. Mori, K. Morikubo, J. Nakano, H. Noumi, H. Outa, K. Paschke, P. Pile, B. Quinn, A. Rusek, E. Saji, A. Sakaguchi. R. Sawafta, Y. Shimizu, M. Sumihama, R. Sutter, T. Tamagawa, H. Tamura, K. Tanida, L. Tang, L. Yuan).
N-N correlations and few-body physics. Photodisintegration reactions of 3He and 4HE at TAGX (T. Suda). Photonuclear cross sections of three-nucleon systems an the role of three-nucleon forces (G. Orlandini, W. Leidemann, V.D. Efros, E.L. Tomsiak). Quasi-deuteron picture for 3HE and 4HE photodisintegration (S. Hirenzaki, Y. Umemoto, K. Kume). Two-nucleon emission experiments at Mainz (P. Grabmayer). Quark substructure and isobar effects on deuteron form-factors (E. Lomon).
Nucleon structure studied by high-energy electrons. The proton and the photon, who is probin whom in electroproduction? (A. Levy). High-Q2 neutral- and charged-current reactions at HERA (K. Nagano). Spin structure of the nucleon studied by HERMES (Y. Sakemi). First double polarization measurements on the way to test the Gerasimon-Dreel-Hearn sum rule (W. Meyer).
New facilities. Few-body physics at Jefferson Laboratory (F.W. Hersman). Experimental test of the K-&lgr; relative parity. Use of polarized photon beams at high energies (Y. Yamaguchi). Nuclear physics experiments with 1.2-GeV STB ring at LNS-Tohoku (J. Kasagi). Laser electron photon facility of Spring-8 (T. Hotta, J.K. Ahn, H. Akimune, Y. Asano, W.C. Chang, S. Date, M. Fujiwara, K. Hicks, K. Imai, T. Iwata, T. Ishikawa, H. Kawai, Z. Y. Kim, T. Kishimoto, N. Mugamai, S. Makino, T. Matsumura, N. Matsuoka, T. Mibe, M. Miyabe, Y. Miyachi, T. Nakano, M. Nomachi, Y. Ohashi, T. Ooba, H. Ookuma, M. Ooshima, C. Rangacharyulu, A. Sakaguchi, T. Sasaki, D. Seki, H. Shimizu, Y. Sugaya, M. Sumihama, T. Tooyama, H. Toyokawa, A. Wakai, C.W. Wang, S.C. Wang, K. Yonehara, T. Yorita, M. Yosoi). MUSES project at RIKEN RI beam factory(T. Katayama, K. Maruyama, M. Wakasugi). Summary of the symposium (H. Okuno). Symposium program. List of participants.
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