Chemical Test Methods of Analysis

Chemical Test Methods of Analysis, 1st Edition

Chemical Test Methods of Analysis, 1st Edition, Zolotov, Ivanov, Amelin,ISBN9780444502612

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Chemical Test Methods of Analysis, 1st Edition

Selected papers. General Features of Test Systems. Fields of use and advantages of test systems, terminology. Some history. Classification of test methods. General requirements and metrology. Limitations of test methods. Chemical Principles of Test Methods: Reactions and Reagents. Selection of reactions and reagents. Variants of reagent applications. Immobilization of chemical reagents. Matrices and methods. Catalytic reactions. Immunoassay procedures. Methods and Tools for Analysis of Liquid Samples. Paper strips and their analogues. Indicator powders. Indicator tubes. Tablets and similar forms. Regular ampoules and droppers. Self-filling ampoules. Titration kits. Other tools. Systems of Measurement and Registration. Requirements to methods and their classification. Visual methods. Colorimetric visual methods. Use of more sophisticated but still compact instruments. Measurement of colour. Titrimetric methods. Chemical dosimeters. Mini devices with built-in software methods. Test concentrators incorporating indicator powders. Methodology and Application Areas of Test Systems. Fields of use. Attestation of methods and their official endorsement. Sample screening. Determination of Inorganic Components in Water and Soil. Sum parameters. Cations. Anions. Other inorganic components. Determination of Organic Components in Water and Soil. Sum parameters. Petroleum hydrocarbons. Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Organochlorine compounds. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB). Various pesticides. Other organic compounds. Analysis of Air and Vapours. Analysis using indicator tubes. Application of pocket analysers. Detection of Alcohol Vapours, Narcotics, Chemical Weapons and Explosives. Alcohol vapours. Narcotics. Chemical weapons. Explosives. Use of Test Methods in Medicine. Determination of glucose. Testing for cholesterol. Other medical applications of test methods. Drug control. Some other Applications of Test Methods. Determination of gold and silver by the touchstone. Use of test methods in education. Conclusions and Perspectives.


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