SDL '99, 1st Edition

The Next Millennium

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This book represents the proceedings of the 9th SDL Forum which was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, during the week of June 21-25, 1999. The 9th SDL Forum presents papers on the past and future development of the MSC and SDL languages.The volume presents information on experience with the use of these languages in industrial development projects, on tools and techniques for using these languages in the software and hardware development process, and other aspects of these languages.

SDL '99, 1st Edition

Introduction. I. Applications I. IN Service prototyping using SDL models and animation (M. Alabau, P. Combes, B. Renard). SDL framework for prototyping and validation of IN services (K. Kimbler et al.). Evaluating an SDL framework for AXE development (S.E. Ellevseth, B. Moller-Pedersen). II. Deriving SDL. New results on deriving SDL specifications from MSCs (M. Abdalla, F. Khendek, G. Butler). From timed scenarios to SDL: specification, implementation and testing of real-time systems (A. En-Nouaary, R. Dssouli, F. Khendek). III. Language Extension. SDL enhancements and application for the design of distributed services (N. Fischbeck et al.). Modelling interfaces in SDL with gate types (E. Holz). MSC and data: dynamic variables (A.G. Engels, L.M.G. Feijs, S. Mauw). IV. Testing I. SDL-based specification and testing strategy for communication network protocols (O. Monkewich). Automated test generation from SDL specifications (A. Kerbrat, T. Jéron, R. Groz). Methods and methodology for an incremental test generation from SDL specifications (A. Touag, A. Rouger). V. SDL and MSC for the next millennium. Towards a new formal SDL semantics - outline of an abstract state machines (U. Glässer, R. Gotzhein, A. Prinz). VI. UML in collaboration with MSC and SDL. Towards a harmonization of UML-sequence diagrams and MSC (E. Rudolph, J. Grabowski, P. Graubmann). Three scenarios for combining UML and SDL'96 (K. Verschaeve, A. Ek). Automatic synthesis of SDL models in use case methodology (N. Mansurov, D. Zhukov). Integrating schedulability analysis and SDL in an object-oriented methodology for embedded real-time systems (J.M. Alvarez et al.). VII. Code Generation. COCOS - A configurable SDL compiler for generating efficient protocol implementations (P. Langendoerfer, H. Koenig). Using declarative mapping for automatic code generation from SDL and ASN.1 (N. Mansurov, A. Ragozin). VIII. Metric. Using design metrics to identify error-prone components of SDL designs (W.M. Zage et al.). Application of SDL metric suite through development phases (Y. Chernov). IX. Applications II. Dynamic scenario-based approach to re-engineering of legacy telecommunication software (N. Mansurov, R.L. Probert). Specification, validation and implementation of ATM UNI signaling protocols in SDL (Y. Dong, Y. Lu, Q. Gao). Using metapatterns with SDL (T. Worm). External communication with SDL systems (G. Kurzbach, M. v. Löwis of Menar, R. Schröder). X. Testing II. SDL and MSC based test generation for distributed test architectures (J. Grabowski et al.). A test case generation tool for conformance testing of SDL systems (C. Bourhfir et al.). XI. Time, performance and simulation. IF: An intermediate representation for SDL and its applications (M. Bozga et al.). PerfSDL: Interface to protocol performance analysis by means of simulation (M. Malek). Early performance prediction of SDL/MSC specified systems by automated synthetic code generation (W. Dulz et al.). A simulation model for message sequence charts (L. Hélouët). Author index.
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