Applications of Kinetic Modelling

Applications of Kinetic Modelling, 1st Edition

Applications of Kinetic Modelling, 1st Edition,G. Hancock,R.G. Compton,ISBN9780444501646

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Volume 37 is concerned with the use and role of modelling in chemical kinetics and seeks to show the interplay of theory or simulation with experiment in a diversity of physico-chemical areas in which kinetics measurements provide significant physical insight. Areas of application covered within the volume include electro- and interfacial chemistry, physiology, biochemistry, solid state chemistry and chemical engineering.

A leading contributor to this general area has been Professor W. John Albery, FRS, to whom the contributors and editors dedicate this book.

G. Hancock

Affiliations and Expertise

Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

R.G. Compton

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

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Applications of Kinetic Modelling, 1st Edition

1. Interaction of theory and experiment in reaction kinetics (R.A. Marcus). 2. The application of approximate analytical models in the development of modified electrodes for NADH oxidation (P.N. Bartlett, E.N.K. Wallace). 3. Electrochemistry of DNA (A.M. Oliveira Brett, S.H.P. Serrano, A.J.P. Piedade). 4. Kinetic modelling and the skin (J. Hadgraft). 5. Electron transport and two-dimensional organization of metalloprotein adsorbates investigated by cyclic voltammetry and in situ scanning tunnelling and atomic force microscopyE.P. Friis, J.E.T. Andersen, L.L. Madsen, P. Moller, M.H. Thuesen, N.H. Andersen, J. Ulstrup). 6. The kinetics of the partitioning of compounds between octanol and water, and its relationship to the movement of molecules in biological systems (P.R. Frisk, M.G. Ford, P. Watson). 7. Redox mediated whole cell biosensors for toxicity assessment and environmental protection (B.G.D. Haggett). 8. Photoelectrochemical kinetics at semiconductor electrodes (L.M. Peter). 9. Kinetic modeling of electron transfer processes in colloidal semiconductor photocatalysis (C. Boxall). 10. Hydrodynamic modulation methods in electrochemistry (D.E. Williams). 11. AC impedance spectroscopy of polymer films - an overview (A.R. Mount). 12. Kinetic applications of the electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (E.J. Calvo, R.A. Etechenique). 13. Visualizing ion and solvent transfer processes in electroactive polymer films (S. Bruckenstein, A.R. Hillman, H.L. Bandey). 14. Ab initio prediction of the performance of membrane separation processes (W.R. Bowen, N. Hilal, M. Jain, R.W. Lovitt, A.W. Mohammad, A.O. Sharif, P.M. Williams, C.J. Wright). 15. A new approach to the prediction of diffusion coefficients (P.R. Fisk, P. Jonathan). 16. Electrode reactions in microvolumes (C.M.A. Brett). 17. Some kinetic considerations of chemical vapour disposition processes (M.L. Hitchman). 18. The mechanism of methanol electro-oxidation (A. Hamnett). 19. Spontaneous formation and breakdown of vesicles in aqueous media (M. Misran, S. Bucak, B.H. Robinson). Subject index.
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