The Fundamentals of Signal Transmission

The Fundamentals of Signal Transmission, 1st Edition

Optical Fibre, Waveguides and Free Space

The Fundamentals of Signal Transmission, 1st Edition,Lemuel Ibbotson,ISBN9780340705766






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Key Features

written in an iformal and accessible style
provides a concise overview of electromagnetic signal transmission
covers all the main types of signal transmission in one volume


'The Fundamentals of Signal Transmission' presents a discussion of the main forms of signal transmission media. Twisted pair, coaxial line, optical fibre, waveguides and freespace propagation and antennas are covered using a standard format. After a discussion of signals in general, the nature of wave propagation is examined. These fundamentals are then related to the specific transmission types. Mathematics is kept as simple as possible and is complemented by ample qualitative explanation; where necessary more detailed mathematics can be found in the appendices. Some knowledge of basic electronic circuit theory and field theory is assumed.

Written in an informal and accessible style, 'The Fundamentals of Signal Transmission' provides all undergraduate electronics engineers with a concise overview of electromagnetic signal transmission.


2nd and 3rd year undergraduates in electronic engineering and communications engineering.

Lemuel Ibbotson

Affiliations and Expertise

Formerly Principal Lecturer, University of East London & Open University, UK

The Fundamentals of Signal Transmission, 1st Edition

Signals and waves * Twin-wire transmission line * Electromagnetic waves * Coaxical line, strip line and wave guides * Optical fibre * Free space * Further insights using the Smith chart * Solutions to problems.
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