Introduction to Analogue Electronics

Introduction to Analogue Electronics, 1st Edition

Introduction to Analogue Electronics, 1st Edition,B. Hart,ISBN9780340652480





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This new text takes the reader from the very basics of analogue electronics to an introduction of state-of-the-art techniques used in the field. It is aimed at all engineering or science students who wish to study the subject from its first principles, as well as serving as a guide to more advanced topics for readers already familiar with the subject.

Attention throughout is focused on measurable terminal characteristics of devices, the way in which these give rise to equivalent circuits and methods of extracting parameter values for them from manufacturers data sheet specifications. In the practical application of these equivalent circuits, step-by-step analysis and design procedures are given where appropriate. Throughout the book, emphasis is given to the pictorial representation of information, and extensive use is made of mechanical analogues. This, combined with the self-assessment questions, copious exercises and worked examples result in an accessible introduction to a key area of electronics that even those with the most limited prior experience will find invaluable in their studies.


1st/2nd year electrical and electronic engineering undergraduates. Undergraduate mechanical engineers, computer scientists, physicists. Also industrial craft training courses.

B. Hart

Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant. Formerly Senior Lecturer in Electronics, University of East London, UK

Introduction to Analogue Electronics, 1st Edition

Preface * Acknowledgements * Notation and Abbreviationa * Diode characterization: low power applications * Rectification and power supplies * The Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT): d.c.-characterisation and biassing * BJT small-signal low-frequency amplifiers * Field Effect Transistors (FETs): d.c.-characterisation and biassing * JFET small-signal low-frequency amplifiers * Amplifier frequency response * Feedback * Operational amplifiers * The BJT and FET as switches * References * General references * Index.
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