Water Hammer, 1st Edition

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Water Hammer, 1st Edition,Bruce Sharp,David Sharp,ISBN9780340645970






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Water hammer, or the study of fluid transient behaviour, is one of the most common problems in the water engineering community. This book covers the many causes and solutions in a practical way and is an essential reference for all those concerned with the flow of liquids, not just water, in pipe systems. It follows on from the authors' previous monograph on the problems and solutions of water hammer and presents common problems in the form of case studies.

This is an interesting and useful read for practising engineers working in this area and it will enable them to make comparisons with their own problems. Also the practical nature of the book makes it useful for civil engineering departmental libraries and departments where hydraulic design is taught.


Practising civil engineers in the water industry. Departments of civil engineering. Also a valuable reference for professionals in other fields with related problems such as the oil, chemical processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Bruce Sharp

Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant Engineer, Melbourne, Australia

David Sharp

Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant Engineer, Melbourne, Australia

Water Hammer, 1st Edition

Nomenclature * The valve * The pump * The booster * Machine inertia * An optimum pump location * The non-return valve (check valve) * Non-return valve as a protection method * The complex system * The separation problem * The non-elastic conduit * The high-point * Fire protection * The plumbing problem * Structural interaction * The open surge tank * The one-way surge tank * The P R V (pressure regulating valve) * The resonance problem * Series pumping * Impact of ocean waves * Compound pipes * Air vessel protection * A hydro-electric example * Expansion loops (lyres) * The dead end * Cooling water systems * Sewage pumps * Appendix 1: Liquid and material properties * Appendix 2: Data file for complex network example * Appendix 3: Water hammer chart * References * Index.

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A valuable, well-prepared and thought-provoking collection of case studies with solutions... it can certainly be recommended.,Journal of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environment Management.,
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