Understanding and Designing Computer Networks

Understanding and Designing Computer Networks, 1st Edition

Understanding and Designing Computer Networks, 1st Edition,Graham King,ISBN9780340614198






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Understanding and Designing Computer Networks considers the ubiquitous nature of data networks, with particular reference to internetworking and the efficient management of all aspects of networked integrated data systems. In addition it looks at the next phase of networking developments; efficiency and security are covered in the sections dealing with data compression and data encryption; and future examples of network operations, such as network parallelism, are introduced.

A comprehensive case study is used throughout the text to apply and illustrate new techniques and concepts as they are introduced. Presented in a format which is specifically tailored to modular courses, this comprehensive text should be essential reading for undergraduates in the fields of computer science, electronics or telecommunications.


1st and 2nd year undergraduates in computer studies, information systems, Telectmmunications, and Electeonics.

Graham King

Affiliations and Expertise

Associate Professor in Computer Systems Engineering, Southampton Institute, UK

Understanding and Designing Computer Networks, 1st Edition

10. Network management - Introduction * Facilitating installation * Monitoring the network * Storage management * Aspects of security * Problem management * Work load management * Printer spooling management * Personnel related issues * Architecturally related issues * 11. Distributed systems - Application layer issues * The distributed operating system * Distributed databases * Answers * Appendix A - Frequency changing * Appendix B - Filtering * Appendix C - The OSI ISO 7 layer model * Index.
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