System Dynamics for Engineering Students

System Dynamics for Engineering Students, 1st Edition

Concepts and Applications

System Dynamics for Engineering Students, 1st Edition,Nicolae Lobontiu,ISBN9780240811284


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First text to include examples from compliant mechanisms and micro/nano electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS)

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Key Features

* The first textbook to include a chapter on the important area of coupled-field systems

* Provides a more balanced treatment of mechanical and electrical systems, making it appealing to both engineering specialties


Takes a classical approach to system dynamics and rearranges it into a more logical teaching progression. Has a balanced coverage of the main field systems (mechanical, electrical/electromagnetic, thermal and fluid/pneumatic), and is the first system dynamics textbook to include extensive examples from the relatively new application areas of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and compliant (flexible) mechanical devices. The author has extensive teaching and research experience in the field of MEMS/NEMS, and provides unique coverage of couple-field problems and offers more ancillary instructor support than any other system dynamics text.


Junior and senior undergraduate students in mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering programs

Nicolae Lobontiu

Nicolae Lobontiu, Ph.D is associate professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Alaska Anchorage. His teaching background has run the gamut of mechanical engineering, including: system dynamics, controls, instrumentation and measurement, mechanics of materials, dynamics, vibrations, finite element analysis, boundary element analysis, and thermal system design. Professor Lobontiu’s research interests for the last decade have focused on compliant mechanisms (mechanical devices which move by elastic deformation of their flexible joints) and micro/nano electromechanical systems. He has authored four books and 20 peer-reviewed journal papers on the aforementioned research topics.

Affiliations and Expertise

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Alaska Anchorage

System Dynamics for Engineering Students, 1st Edition

Introduction; Mechanical systems I; Mechanical Systems II; Electrical systems; Thermal and fluid systems; The Laplace Transform; Transfer Function Approach; State-space Approach; Frequency Domain Approach; Coupled-field Systems; Appendix A Solution to Linear Ordinary Homogeneous Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients; Appendix B Review of Matrix Algebra; Appendix C Essentials of Matlab and System Dynamics-related Toolboxes; Appendix D Deformations, Strains and Stresses of Flexible Mechanical Components

Quotes and reviews

"This is without doubt a text that can be used with relative ease by instructors and students alike, and that would likely serve as a useful and practical reference for many years after graduation, especially given its systematic approach to the essential physical modeling elements. The content is nicely laid out with good quality illustrations and clean lines and achieves an appropriate balance between theoretical derivations and examples."--Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science

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