The Adolescent as Decision-Maker

The Adolescent as Decision-Maker, 1st Edition

Applications to Development and Education

The Adolescent as Decision-Maker, 1st Edition,Allen Edwards,ISBN9780127640525

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This book reviews current theories and research on adolescent development and their implications for education. It is organized around the theme of the adolescent as decision-maker, and covers areas of normal development that are crucial for the transition to independence. The issues raised by the thoughtful reviews will stimulate discussion and debate and will provide new perspectives on adolescence.


Researchers in developmental psychology and adolescent development, and students in courses on the topic in psychology, education, and home economics.

Allen Edwards

Affiliations and Expertise

Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, U.S.A.

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The Adolescent as Decision-Maker, 1st Edition

Concepts of Development in Adolescence:
J. Worell and F. Danner, Adolescents in Contemporary Context.
P.H. Miller, Theories of Adolescent Development.
Journey through Adolescence:
F. Danner, Cognitive Development in Adolescence.
A. de Armas and J.A. Kelly, Social Relationships in Adolescence: Skill Development and Training.
D.K. Lapsley, R.D. Enright, and R.C. SerlinMoral and Social Education.
J. Suls, Self-Awareness and Self-identity in Adolescence.
R. Ames and C. Ames, Adolescent Motivation and Achievement.
Transitions to Adulthood:
A. Boxer, R.A. Levinson, and A.C. Petersen, Adolescent Sexuality.
J. Worell, Sex Roles in Transition.
G.B. Melton, Are Adolescents People? Problems of Liberty, Entitlement, and Responsibility.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:"For a thorough coverage of the research in the field, this book is preferred... Thorough chapter references and index. The final chapter on legal principles is excellent."
@qu:"This text is recommended, especially for its chapters on motivation, sexuality, and the law."
@qu:"All of the information in this book can be extrapolated to adolescent health care, particularly if applied to evaluative of educational aspects of care. The Adolescent as Decision Maker is, as well, a great resource for researchers because each contributor notes areas where further study is needed.... The book is well organized and well written.... Of most interest to CNMs involved in research or education, some clinicians will find the information to be very useful."
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