Semiconducting Chalcogenide Glass III

Semiconducting Chalcogenide Glass III, 1st Edition

Applications of Chalcogenide Glasses

Semiconducting Chalcogenide Glass III, 1st Edition,Robert Fairman,Boris Ushkov,ISBN9780127521893

Semiconductors and Semimetals

Fairman   &   Ushkov   

Elsevier Science




240 X 165

The final part of a 3-volume work on the field of chalcogenide semiconductor glasses. Volume 80 in the prestigious semiconductors and semimetals serial.

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Key Features

The first collective monograph written by Eastern European scientists covering electrical and optical properties of chalcogenide vitreous semiconductors (CVS).

Contributions by B.G. Kolomiets, who discovered the properties of chalcogenide glass in 1955!

Provides evidence and discussion by authors from opposing positions.


Chalcogenide glass is made up of many elements from the Chalcogenide group. The glass is transparent to infrared light and is useful as a semiconductor in many electronic devices. For example, chalcogenide glass fibers are a component of devices used to perform laser surgery.

This book is a comprehensive overview of designs of various chalcogenide glass devices are presented, including switches, phase inverters, voltage stabilizers, oscillators, indicators and display control circuits, memory devices, and sensors. A special chapter is devoted to chalcogenide glass applications in optical fibers.

This collective monograph is intended to survey the current state of chalcogenide glass applications to facilitate further development.


Researchers, academics and professionals in materials science, physical chemistry and microelectronics

Robert Fairman

Affiliations and Expertise

Beaverton, USA

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Boris Ushkov

Affiliations and Expertise

ELMA, Moscow, Russia

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