Dictionary of Immunology 4E

Dictionary of Immunology 4E, 4th Edition

Dictionary of Immunology 4E, 4th Edition,W. Herbert,Peter Wilkinson,David Stott,ISBN9780127520254

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Key Features

* Special Features:
* Radical revision, including addition of 30% new terms.


This is the fourth edition of a well-established dictionary of Immunology which has been completely revised and updatedto include key terms arising from new discoveries in the fast-developing fields of molecular and cellular immunology. It also contains brief descriptions of the most commonly used immunological techniques, as well as definitions, useful in clinical immunology, of immunodeficiency states, autoimmune diseases etc. Clear illustrations and tables have been added to illustrate the text where appropriate. The book should be readily understandable by anyone with a background in biology and many of the definitions should be understandable to the general reader, especially as terms are extensively cross-referenced.It should be useful to those attending immunological meeting or reading immunological journals, especially as scientists communicating to specialized audiences rarely define their terms.It will also be invaluable to undergraduate and postgraduate students in biological and medical sciences, since immunological methods, such as use of monoclonal antibodies, are in wide use throughout biology and medicine.


All researchers in the life sciences, cell and molecular biologists, microbiologists, and virologists in addition to clinicians and medical researchers. Should be a large market amongst students, and those in support roels, as well as a library market.

W. Herbert

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Glasgow, U.K.

Peter Wilkinson

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Glasgow, U.K.

David Stott

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Glasgow, U.K.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:"A very useful publication with excellent cross-referencing...It is the best of its kind currently available."
@qu:"Unquestionably, the editors have succeeded in providing accurate explanations which should be comprehensible to anyone with a minimum of biological knowledge."
@qu:"Remarkably up-to-date. The definitions are succinct and accurate."
@qu:"Contains a vast wealth of information, making it a veritable pocket encyclopedia. Especially laudable is the admirable presentation. Highly recommended to all with an interest in immunology, from the elementary biology student to the specialist."
@qu:"This book is certain to be a standard reference work for many years to come."

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