Development of Achievement Motivation, 1st Edition

Development of Achievement Motivation, 1st Edition,Allan Wigfield,Jacquelynne Eccles,ISBN9780127500539

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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:* Coverage of the major theories and constructs in the motivation field
* Focus on developmental issues across the elementary and secondary school period
* Discussion of instructional and theoretical issues regarding motivation
* Consideration of gender and ethnic differences in motivation


This book discusses research and theory on how motivation changes as children progress through school, gender differences in motivation, and motivational differences as an aspect of ethnicity. Motivation is discussed within the context of school achievement as well as athletic and musical performance.


The primary audiences are masters and doctoral level graduate students in departments of psychology, educational psychology, and human development who have an interest in motivation. Faculty memebers studying or interested in motivation also will be interested. The book might be of interest to advanced undergraduate students as well.

Allan Wigfield

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Maryland, College Park, U.S.A.

Jacquelynne Eccles

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A.

Development of Achievement Motivation, 1st Edition

A. Wigfield and J.S. Eccles, Introduction.
Part 1: Can I Do This Activity?.
D.H. Schunk and F. Pajares, The Development of Academic Self-Efficacy.
M.V. Covington and E. Dray, The Developmental Course of Achievement Motivation: A Need-Based Approach.
C.S. Dweck, The Development of Ability Conceptions.
Part 2: Do I Want to Do this Activity, and Why?.
A. Wigfield and J.S. Eccles, The Development of Competence Beliefs, Expectancies for Success, and Achievement Values from Childhood Through Adolescence.
S. Graham and A.Z. Taylor, Ethnicity, Gender, and the Development of Achievement Values.
W.S. Grolnick, S.T. Gurland, K.F. Jacob, and W. Decourcey, The Development of Self-Determination in Middle Childhood and Adolescence.
K.A. Renninger and S. Hidi, Student Interest and Achievement: Developmental Issues Raised by a Case Study.
E.M. Anderman, C.C. Austin, and D.M. Johnson, The Development of Goal Orientation.
K.R. Wentzel, The Contribution of Social Goal Setting to Children's School Adjustment.
Part 3: What Do I Need to Do to Succeed?.
P.R. Pintrich and A. Zusho, The Development of Academic Self-Regulation: The Role of Cognitive and Motivational Factors.
R.S. Newman, What Do I Need to Do to Succeed...When I Don't Understand What I'm Doing!?: Developmental Influences on Students' Adaptive Help Seeking.
Part 4: Motivation and Instruction.
D. Stipek, Good Instruction in Motivating.
D.J. Mac Iver, E.M. Young, and B. Washburn, Instructional Practices and Motivation During Middle School (with Special Attention to Science).

Quotes and reviews

"In this collection of literature reviews and summarized research reports, there are admirably detailed and authoritative discussions of a wide range of constructs and theories related to achievement motivation and its development. They will provide valuable introductions for graduate students and other researchers in developmental and educational psychology, and should serve the important purpose of bringing the two fields closer together."

"This book is ideal for readers looking for a single-volume work detailing various theoretical models that explain children's achievement motivation. The editors have brought together many of the major writers in achievement motivation... A single-volume collection of this scope is probably unique. It will be enormously helpful to graduate students and faculty."

"Prominent scholars in the fields of education, psychology, and human development provide an overview of current theoretical models of children's achievement motivation, with an ephasis on gender and ethnic differences in motivation, and attempt to provide some definitional clarity to a somewhat fragmentary field."
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