Sturkie's Avian Physiology, 6th Edition

Sturkie's Avian Physiology, 6th Edition,Colin Scanes,ISBN9780124071605
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A key reference for researchers and academics studying the physiology of birds

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Key Features

  • Includes new chapters on endocrine disruptors, magnetoreception, genomics, proteomics, mitochondria, control of food intake, molting, stress, the avian endocrine system, bone, the metabolic demands of migration, behavior and control of body temperature
  • Features extensively revised chapters on the cardiovascular system, pancreatic hormones, respiration, pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenal gland, muscle, gastro-intestinal physiology, incubation, circadian rhythms, annual cycles, flight, the avian immune system, embryo physiology and control of calcium.
  • Stands out as the only comprehensive, single volume devoted to bird physiology
  • Offers a full consideration of both blood and avian metabolism on the companion website ( 9780124071605). Tables feature hematological and serum biochemical parameters together with circulating concentrations of glucose in more than 200 different species of wild birds


Sturkie's Avian Physiology is the classic comprehensive single volume on the physiology of domestic as well as wild birds. The Sixth Edition is thoroughly revised and updated, and features several new chapters with entirely new content on such topics as migration, genomics and epigenetics. Chapters throughout have been greatly expanded due to the many recent advances in the field. The text also covers the physiology of flight, reproduction in both male and female birds, and the immunophysiology of birds.

The Sixth Edition, like the earlier editions, is a must for anyone interested in comparative physiology, poultry science, veterinary medicine, and related fields. This volume establishes the standard for those who need the latest and best information on the physiology of birds.


Researchers in comparative physiology, animal physiology, and ornithology, behavioral and ecological biology and ecology; as well as advanced undergraduate & graduate students in these areas

Colin Scanes

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA

Sturkie's Avian Physiology, 6th Edition

Sturkie's Avian Physiology, 6th Ed.


1. Avian Genomics

Jerry. B Dodgson

2. Avian Epigenetics

Chris Ashwell

3. Avian Transcriptomics

Tom Porter

4. Avian Proteomics

Shane C. Burgess

5. Mitochondrial Physiology

Walter G. Bottje

6. The Somatosensory System

Martin Wild

7. The Avian Ear

Christine Köppl

8. The chemical senses in birds

Larry Clark

9. Magnetoreception in birds

Henrik Mouritsen

10. The Subpallium and Autonomic Nervous System

Wayne Kuenzel

11. The Cardiovascular System

12. Renal and Extra-renal Regulation of Body Fluid Composition

Eldon Braun

13. Respiration

Frank L. Powell

14. Gastro-intestinal Anatomy and Physiology

Mike Denbow

15. Bone

Mark Pines

16. Skeletal Muscle

Sandra Velleman

17. Control of Feed intake

Mike Denbow

18. Carbohydrate metabolism

Colin Scanes

19. Adipose tissue and Lipid metabolism

Johan Buyse

20. Protein Metabolism

Colin Scanes

21. Avian Endocrine Systems

Colin Scanes

22. Pituitary Gland

Colin Scanes

23. Thyroids

Anne McNabb

24. The Parathyroids, Calcitonin and Vitamin D

Christopher Dacke

25. Adrenals

Rocco V. Carsia

26. Pancreas

Jean Simon

27. The Pineal Gland

Vincent M. Cassone

28. Female

Alan L. Johnson

29. Male

John D. Kirby

30. Brooding

Mohamed El Halawani and Yupaporn Chaiseha

31. Behavior

Pierre Deviche

32. Incubation

Hiroshi Tazawa

33. Maternal Effects

Hubertus Schwabl

34. Circadian Rhythms and Photoperiodism

Vincent M. Cassone

35. Annual Cycles

Tom Hahn and Kathleen Brazeal

36. Regulation of Body Temperature

Shlomo Yahav

37. Growth and Development

Larry A. Cogburn and Colin Scanes

38. Immune System

Pete Kaiser

39. Molting

Alistair Dawson

40. Feather and feather coloration

Hubert Schwabl

41. Flight

Charles Bishop and Patrick Butler

42. Addressing the Physiological Challenges of Migration

Eldon Braun

43. Avian Toxicants and Endocrine Disrupters

Mary Ann Ottinger

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