Quantum Semiconductor Structures

Quantum Semiconductor Structures, 1st Edition

Fundamentals and Applications

Quantum Semiconductor Structures, 1st Edition,Claude Weisbuch,Borge Vinter,ISBN9780127426808


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Key Features

@introbul:Key Features
@bul:* Available for the first time in a new, expanded version
* Provides a concise introduction to the fundamentals and fascinating applications of quantized semiconductor structures


In its original form, this widely acclaimed primer on the fundamentals of quantized semiconductor structures was published as an introductory chapter in Raymond Dingle's edited volume (24) of Semiconductors and Semimetals. Having already been praised by reviewers for its excellent coverage, this material is now available in an updated and expanded "student edition." This work promises to become a standard reference in the field. It covers the basics of electronic states as well as the fundamentals of optical interactions and quantum transport in two-dimensional quantized systems. This revised student edition also includes entirely new sections discussing applications and one-dimensional and zero-dimensional systems.


Students and instructors in electrical engineering and materials science as well as technicians in the semiconductor industry.

Claude Weisbuch

Affiliations and Expertise

Thomson-CSF Orsay, France

Borge Vinter

Affiliations and Expertise

Thomson-CSF, Orsay, France

Quantum Semiconductor Structures, 1st Edition

Introduction. The Advent of Ultrathin, Well-Contained Semiconductor Heterostructures. A Prerequisite. The Mastering of Semiconductor Purity and Interfaces. The Electronic Properties of Thin Semiconductor Heterostructures. Quantum Well Energy Levels. Triangular Quantum Well Energy Levels. Two-Dimensional Density of States. Excitons and Shallow Impurities in Quantum Wells. Tunneling Structures, Coupled Quantum Wells, and Superlattices. Modulation Doping of Heterostructures. n-i-p-i Structures. Optical Properties of Thin Heterostructures. Optical Matrix Element. Selection Rules. Energy Levels, Band Discontinuities, and Layer Fluctuations. Low Temperature Luminescence. Carrier and Exciton Dynamics. Inelastic Light Scattering. Non-Linear and Electro-Optic Effects. Electrical Properties of Thin Heterostructures. Mobility in Parallel Transport. Hot Electron Effects in Parallel Transport. Perpendicular Transport. Quantum Transport. Applications of Quantized Semiconductor Heterostructures. Electronic Devices Based on Parallel Transport. Electronic Devices Based on Perpendicular Transport. Quantum Well Lasers. Towards 1D and 0D Physics and Devices. One- and Zero-Dimensional Systems. 1D and 0D Semiconductor Fabrication Techniques. Electrical Applications of 1D and 0D Structures. 1D and 0D Optical Devices. Selected Bibliography. References. Index.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:"This book should be of considerable interest to scientists and engineers working in the area of quantum structure."
@qu:"This is an excellent introductory text aimed at graduate students and new researchers entering the field of semiconductor heterostructure."
@qu:"This book is an excellent introduction to the field of low-dimensional semiconductor structures, and also contains a comprehensive bibliography. It can be highly recommended to students and to solid state and materials scientists entering this field."
@qu:"...the authors have produced a good combination of basic physics and applications at the graduate level. For many scientists working with quantum semiconductor structures it will serve as a useful handbook that should make a mass of original papers redundant."
@qu:"It will be essential reading for postgraduate research students entering this field and also for those studying university courses in physics and electronic engineering. Experienced researchers will also find many of the explanations illuminating and the bibliography an excellent source of references."
@qu:"Claude Weisbuch and Borge Vinter, two very distinguished research scientists in this new, expanding field, have compiled a useful survey book on this subject. Quantum Semiconductor Structures can be viewed as a concise introduction to the many underlying physical concepts and new device structures that have evolved in this area over the past 20 years....This volume will certainly be of interest and use to a wide audience....The book can certainly serve as a useful survey of quantum semiconductor devices. Because its comprehensive references point the reader to most of the important literature, the book provides an invaluable general reference to practioners in the area....It is an important work and will certainly be an invalubale reference for any researcher in quantum semiconductor structures."
@qu:"The author does a masterful job of balancing the material for both the student and expert, who may be surprised at how much can be learned from this review."
@qu:"It provides an excellent introduction for scientists entering the field."
@source:--MRS BULLETIN
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