Horizontal Gene Transfer, 2nd Edition

Horizontal Gene Transfer, 2nd Edition,Michael Syvanen,Clarence Kado,ISBN9780126801262


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246 X 189

Concise and up-to-date coverage of this fascinating field

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Key Features

  • Up-to-the-minute reviews, maps, conclusions, urls to relevant websites and colour figures
  • Unique chapters, for example one written by paleontologists presents data for horizontal gene transfer from fingerprints form the fossil record


The second edition of Horizontal Gene Transfer has been organized to provide a concise and up-to-date coverage of the most important discoveries in this fascinating field. Written by the most prominent gene transfer and genome analytical scientists, this book details experimental evidence for the phenomenon of horizontal gene transfer and discusses further evidence provided by the recent completion of genomic sequences from Archea, Bacteria, and Eucarya members. The relevance of horizontal gene transfer to plant and metazoan taxonomy, GM foods, antibiotic resistance, paleontology, and phylogenetic reconstruction is also explored. Horizontal Gene Transfer is essential for microbiologists, geneticists, biochemists, evolutionary biologists, infectious disease specialists, paleontologists, ecologists, and researchers working in plant/animal systematics and agriculture with an interest in gene transfer. This includes scientific researchers from government and industry concerned with the release of genetically modified organisms.


Research-level microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, geneticists, biochemists, evolutionary biologists

Michael Syvanen

Affiliations and Expertise

University of California, Davis, U.S.A.

Clarence Kado

Affiliations and Expertise

University of California, Davis, U.S.A.

Horizontal Gene Transfer, 2nd Edition




Section I Plasmids and Transfer Mechanisms in Bacteria

Chapter 1 Recent History of Trans-kingdom Conjugation

Chapter 2 Gene Cassettes and Integrons: Moving Single Genes

Chapter 3 A Corynebacterium Plasmid Composed of Elements from Throughout the Eubacteria Kingdom

Chapter 4 Horizontal Transfer of Naphthalene Catabolic Genes in a Toxic Waste Site

Chapter 5 Horizontal Transmission of Genes by Agrobacterium Species

Chapter 6 Horizontal Transfer of Proteins Between Species: Part of the Big Picture or Just aGenetic Vignette?

Chapter 7 Transformation in Aquatic Environments

Chapter 8 Pseudolysogeny: A Bacteriophage Strategy for Increasing Longevity In Situ

Section II Mosaic Genes and Chromosomes

Chapter 9 The Dynamics of Bacterial Genomes

Chapter 10 Bacterial Pathogenicity Islands and Infectious Diseases

Chapter 11 Mosaic Proteins, Not Reinventing the Wheel

Chapter 12 Evolutionary Relationships Among Diverse Bacteriophages and Prophages: All The World’s a Phage

Chapter 13 Horizontal Gene Transfer in Bacteriophages

Chapter 14 Horizontal Transfer of Mismatch Repair Genes and the Variable Speed of Bacterial Evolution

Section III Eukaryotic Mobile Elements

Chapter 15 Evidence for Horizontal Transfer of P Transposable Elements

Chapter 16 The mariner Transposons of Animals: Horizontally Jumping Genes

Chapter 17 The Splicing of Transposable Elements: Evolution of a Nuclear Defense Against Genomic Invaders?

Section IV Transfer Mechanisms Involving Plants and Microbes

Chapter 18 Gene Transfer Through Introgressive Hybridization: History, Evolutionary Significance, and Phylogenetic Consequences

Chapter 19 Gene Flow and Introgression from Domesticated Plants into their Wild Relatives

Chapter 20 Search for Horizontal Gene Transfer from Transgenic Crops to Microbes

Chapter 21 Gene Transfer in the Fungal Host–Parasite System Absidia glauca–Parasitella parasitica Depends on Infection

Chapter 22 Automatic Eukaryotic Artificial Chromosomes: Possible Creation of Bacterial Organelles in Yeast

Chapter 23 Bacteria as Gene Delivery Vectors for Mammalian Cells

Section V Whole Genome Comparisons: The Emergence of the Eukaryotic Cell

Chapter 24 Gene Transfers Between Distantly Related Organisms

Chapter 25 Horizontal Gene Transfer and its Role in the Evolution of Prokaryotes

Chapter 26 Horizontal Gene Transfer and the Universal Tree of Life

Chapter 27 Endosymbiotic Gene Transfer: A Special Case of Horizontal Gene Transfer Germane to Endosymbiosis, the Origins of Organelles and the Origins of Eukaryotes

Chapter 28 Dating the Age of the Last Common Ancestor of All Living Organisms with a Protein Clock

Section VI Parallelisms and Macroevolutionary Trends

Chapter 29 Character Parallelism and Reticulation in the Origin of Angiosperms

Chapter 30 Temporal Patterns of Plant and Metazoan Evolution Suggest Extensive Polyphyly

Chapter 31 Graptolite Parallel Evolution and Lateral Gene Transfer

Chapter 32 Larval Transfer in Evolution

Chapter 33 Macroevolution, Catastrophe and Horizontal Transfer

Chapter 34 Horizontal Gene Transfer: A New Taxonomic Principle?


A Color Plate Section Appears between Pages 110 and 111

Quotes and reviews

"I fully recommend purchase of this book as it sketches out future research areas that are only now gaining prominence." --ASM NEWS, 2003

"...an impressive compilation of almost every aspect of this explosive field. ...I applaud the editors for bringing together this outstanding group of authors to express their views and back it with logic, inference and strong data." --William Firshein, Wesleyan University, 2002

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