Intermediary Nitrogen Metabolism

Intermediary Nitrogen Metabolism, 1st Edition

Intermediary Nitrogen Metabolism, 1st Edition,B. Miflin,Peter Lea,ISBN9780126754162

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This volume covers the most significant advances of the last ten years in understanding intermediary nitrogen metabolism in plants. The eight chapters comprise aspects of nitrate and nitrogen assimilation, symbiotic nitrogen fixation, glutamine and glutamate enzymology, amino acid biosynthesis, ureides, and polyamine and sulfur metabolism. The volume emphasizes molecular and genetic advances as well as biochemistry and physiology. Intermediary Nitrogen Metabolism will be of interest to all plant biochemists and molecular geneticists who study nitrogen metabolism, enzymology, and amino acids.


Researchers, students, and lecturers in plant biochemistry, plant physiology, botany, plant molecular biology, and genetics. University, government, and industry laboratories and libraries.

B. Miflin

Affiliations and Expertise

Seeds Research and Development, CIBA-GEIGY, Basel, Switzerland

Peter Lea

Affiliations and Expertise

Institute of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Lancaster University, U.K.

Intermediary Nitrogen Metabolism, 1st Edition

J.S. Pate and D.B. Layzell, Energetics and Biological Costs of Nitrogen Assimilation.
C.P. Vance, Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation: Recent Genetic Advances.
A. Kleinhofs and R.L. Warner, Recent Advances in Nitrate Assimilation.
P.J. Lea, S.A. Robinson, and G.R. Stewart, The Enzymology and Metabolism of Glutamine and Glutamate.
J.K. Bryan, Recent Advances in the Biochemistry of Amino Acid Biosynthesis.
K.R. Schubert and M.J. Boland, The Ureides.
A.F. Tiburcio, R. Kaur-Sawhney, Sr., and A.W. Galston, Polyamine Metabolism.
J.W. Anderson, Sulfur Metabolism in Plants.
Each chapter includes references.

Quotes and reviews

@qu:"As a reference work for researchers and teachers, this volume should be a workhorse. The individual reviews are surprisingly well crafted, most of them efficiently summarizing information in tables and figures... A high standard of both style and content is maintained throughout the volume, making this a research and teaching reference worth having.
This volume should provide plant biologists with a useful variety of reviews, graduate level instructors with a good overview of advanced topics, and all observers of plant biology with a high level of optimism
@qu:"The Biochemistry of Plants is a valuable, comprehensive and much needed series."
@source:--FEBS LETTERS
@qu:"An indispensable aid.
@qu:"[A] highly recommendable source of information... a valuable addition to any scientific library.
@qu:"This book can be recommended to the practicing scientist as... useful and well-written.
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